YWCA Tulsa launches small business loan program for women


The YCWA of Tulsa is launching a small business start-up loan program for women business owners.

The group also held a networking event at the Patti Johnson Wilson Center for Women to learn more about the program on Saturday.

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Four local businesswomen shared their knowledge of business and the YWCA’s Carmela Hill Legacy Fund.

“The energy…before the panelists even arrived…the energy in the room was incredible, said guest Tamecca Rogers”

The fund is a $5,000 micro-loan program to help start-up small businesses owned by women.

The nonprofit says the goal is to help local women entrepreneurs who have a limited credit history, who want a loan too small for a bank to consider, or who don’t have a other sources of equity.

The organization specifically wants to reach local women of color.

Business owner Carmella Hill said she hopes to inspire those who pursue a passion.

“Being able to see an example makes it tangible and if you see it and believe it then you can be it and achieve it,” Hill said.

Guests were also able to meet other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Tosh Owens said she tries to make the most of networking events and Temecca Rogers said businesswomen are better together.

“It gives us this opportunity for community, because speaking with the other women in the building who came to the event, they were so excited that we had this opportunity to talk to each other,” Owens said.

“I think when we come together we can learn from each other and we can learn about the different programs and the different resources that we have for each other,” Rogers said.

Saturday’s event was not required to apply for this program.

To apply, CLICK HERE.


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