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Volta Industries has announced the launch of its PredictEV product, a machine learning and artificial intelligence solution for infrastructure planning, with a multi-year commitment from US-based Southern Company.

PredictEV uses advanced AI and analytics to aggregate disparate data sets to turn them into actionable insights for EV stakeholders.

Volta Industries’ proprietary and patent pending product analyzes large-scale local, demographic, corporate and site-specific mobility data to identify key planning factors such as appropriate vehicle charging locations, the correct combination of charging infrastructure (AC or DC fast charging) and the expected adoption of electric vehicles in a particular geographic area.

“Southern Company aims to be a leader in electric transportation solutions because it’s good for the businesses, communities and customers we serve,” said Chris Cummiskey, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer and Director of Customer Solutions at Southern Company. “Volta’s PredictEV product allows us to educate and advise our customers on EV charging options suited to their needs, and to continue to build the fueling network of the future for our customers. “

Even before its launch, Volta’s PredictEV was named a finalist in the Energy category of Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards, as well as a Stevie Award winner. Volta Charging has an ongoing strategic partnership with StreetLight Data, which specializes in big data analytics for mobility. This allows the two companies to use their combined analytics for intelligent deployment of EV infrastructure by leveraging the PredictEV product.

With the launch of this product, Volta is reaching out to businesses, state and local governments, transport ministries, electric utilities and other electric vehicle stakeholders working to support the electrification of transportation. in their jurisdictions.

In 2015, when electrive.com was only a newsletter, we announced that Volta Industries was working with “socially responsible brands” and had thus built up a network of 100 charging stations in 5 cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Honolulu) where recharging is offered free of charge. The company has secured $ 7.5 million in funding to expand its operations.




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