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HARWELL, UK (January 11, 2022) About: Energy, a joint spin-off company of Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham, has been set up to help commercialize the battery modeling capability being developed by the Faraday Institution Multiscale Modeling Project. The company aims to make it easier for UK industry to use battery modeling, accelerating the development of battery prototypes and giving the organizations it works with a competitive advantage.

Investment Minister Lord Grimstone said: “As demand for new and improved batteries continues to soar, academic institutions are at the forefront of innovation that will bring new technologies from the laboratory to the market. The government is proud to support the work of the Faraday Institution, which enables universities to commercialize their knowledge and keep the UK at the forefront of new battery technology.

“Thanks to the targeted, industry-led research efforts of our Multi-Scale Modeling Project team, the UK has state-of-the-art battery modeling tools,” said Prof Pam Thomas, CEO of Faraday Institution. “About:Energy is the commercial vehicle that has been set up to provide industrial organizations with modeling advice and where the development of tools, knowledge bases and parameterization techniques will be refined, further enhancing the development capabilities of UK batteries.”

“Battery models are used to power our daily lives, from cell phones to gigafactories, by enabling performance predictions,” said Kieran O’Regan, founder of About:Energy. “These predictions are used to optimize the application and design of battery technologies. However, the reliability of the predictions depends on the accuracy of the input parameters, which is a complex issue because battery performance has many interdependencies.

Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham have expertise in extracting the experimental data needed to build battery models – an activity known as parametrization. About:Energy therefore has extensive know-how in this field as well as a patented and tailor-made measurement method.

Video of Founder Gavin White introducing About:Energy.

“About:Energy brings together expertise in battery characterization and an understanding of how to package that information into a model,” said Gavin White, Founder of About:Energy. “This allows us to quickly deliver accurate models tailored to specific battery technologies, enabling our customers to create innovative products and shorten their prototyping and development cycles.”

In the development of new commercial battery designs with improved performance, life and safety, the use of predictive computer simulations can avoid many of the costs and delays associated with creating the numerous physical prototypes needed to test new combinations of materials and cell design. . The Multi-Scale Modeling Project has developed – and continues to perfect – fast, reliable, accurate and versatile design tools – digital twins. Accurate battery designs are an important catalyst for growth across the industry, including cell design and the development of battery management systems and associated product warranties.

The About:Energy founders have secured their first order with a major UK-based OEM and are in talks with many leading automotive and technology companies.

A 12-month entrepreneurial scholarship has been awarded by the Faraday Institution to About:Energy, which will largely fund equipment purchases that will provide the company with dedicated test equipment to reduce bottlenecks and provide a more responsive setup service.

The Faraday Institution Entrepreneurship Fellowships facilitate the creation of new business opportunities arising from the organization’s research programs or closely related activities. They provide seed funding, business support and mentorship to maximize the potential for success and speed up the spin-off process.

The advice provided by About:Energy researchers has already helped two battery technology spin-off companies that have already received entrepreneurial grants from the Faraday Institution: Qdot (development of battery thermal management and hybrid propulsion technology to enable clean flight) and Breathe Battery Technologies (development of advanced battery management algorithms to improve charge times, range and battery life).

“The UK has a vibrant battery innovation ecosystem, and it’s gratifying to see multiple spin-outs that the Faraday Institution is involved in helping everyone succeed,” continued Pam Thomas. “The Multi-Scale Modeling Project and its spin-out About:Energy are excellent examples of our focus on areas of battery research that offer the maximum potential for impact for the UK, and our role in putting this research on the road to commercialization. .”

Industry organizations are encouraged to contact About:Energy to discuss future collaborations by contacting Gavin White [email protected] and Kieran O’Regan [email protected]

For more information about the Faraday Institution, visit and follow @FaradayInst on Twitter.

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