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Editor’s Note: This article features news and photos from previous editions of the Watauga Democrat.

December 14, 1933

A December 14, 1933 article titled “A New Street Will Open Soon” discusses the opening of Howard Street to “provide a new east and west thoroughfare through Boone.”

“Howard Street, parallel to King Street and extending from South Water Street near the Old Jail at Blowing Rock Road, will soon be open and leveling is expected to begin this morning.

“The new street was made possible with money obtained from the Civil Works Administration, and the leveling and paving of the driveway is expected to be completed within a short period of time,” the article said.

“The portion that extends from the original Bryan-Rivers line to the Owens Machine Shop has never been open to travel, and the new street will be a decided convenience for the citizens of the city as well as for the general public, because it provides additional access. to the west thoroughfare through town, ”according to the article.

May 17, 1945

In a May 17, 1945 article titled “Watauga County War Loan Effort Begins Well”, it was reported that the “Seventh War Loan Campaign got off to a pretty good start in Watauga County this week … Members war savings staff gathered at a dinner at the Gateway Cafe last Friday and finished honing the organization, making plans for a vigorous campaign to sell the $ 175,000 in government securities, and all the world will have the opportunity to invest.

“We are entering a critical period in the war and in the history of the nation. As we move towards total victory over our last enemy, demands for equipment will increase and the needs of the Army and Navy will become more and more important, ”said Clyde R. Greene, president, in the ‘article.

In the same issue, it was reported that “Sugar for home canning will be issued on the basis of current need, but not to exceed a maximum of 15 pounds per person, Gordon H. Winkler, President of Watauga War Price and Rationing Council said.

November 21, 1984

“Impaired driving arrests by the Boone Police Department have exploded since the implementation of the NC Road Safety Project Grant to use $ 69,468.23 to reduce in-condition driving. drunkenness and associated traffic accidents, “according to an article in a 1984 edition of the Watauga Democrat about a three-year DWI project by Boone Police.

“We hope, through this program, to raise awareness in the community about the DWI program and, through the app and education, we hope to reduce the number of accidents,” said Captain Zane Tester.

“The tester is the director of the program that was also created to check seat belts and child restraints.

“We received a new automobile, a new breathalyzer, a 16-millimeter projector and a screen for DWI-related educational purposes,” Tester said in the article.

“About three to five officers participate in the program and earn one-and-a-half hour overtime pay. They patrol approximately 64.1 miles of Boone Roads.

“Most DWI arrests in 1982-1983 were late at night or early in the morning, removing many officers from their drunk driver search duties.

“Over the past month, there have been approximately 70 impaired driving arrests. There are typically around 12 to 15 arrests each month, Tester said.

“Our long-term goals and objectives are to reduce the number of impaired driving by 10 percent,” Tester said in the article.


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