Syracuse leads Wake Forest, 21-17 at halftime: live score, updates



Syracuse, NY – The Syracuse football team take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at 3:30 p.m. Saturday in the Carrier Dome.

The game will be televised on ESPN2.

View in-game team and individual statistics here.

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Second quarter

0:43: Syracuse calls its second timeout with the clock stopped because Babers doesn’t like what it looks like.

Shrader lowers his head and passes the 100-yard mark in the first half.

Babers calls his last time out with 20 seconds left in the half after a short completion at Jackson in the middle.

Airon Servais is back in the center.

Shrader rushes to the left and goes out of bounds with 14 seconds left in the half. Cooper drops a pass on third base and Syracuse kicks with nine seconds left in the half.

Wake will kneel down, and it’s the end of half time.

4:27: Garrett Williams cut off another pass intended for Perry in the middle, but Wake responded with a huge conversion in the 3rd and 23rd after injuring himself with back-to-back penalties that pushed the ball back to the Syracuse 44-yard line.

It turned out to be a costly streak for the Orange, as Wake Forest closed the race with five straight runs to reduce the deficit to a single score just before half-time.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 21, Wake Forest 17; 48 seconds remaining in the second quarter

5:27: Syracuse, supported, goes three-and-outs for the first time today with 4:36 remaining in the first half after a long shot at Queeley falls incomplete. Syracuse was looking for the flag there. No dice.

Another shaky punt from Williams places Wake with his best half-time field position at the 31-yard SU line.

6:49 am: A defensive hold call on first-year cornerback Duce Chestnut canceled out an Orange strip sack deep in Wake territory.

It doesn’t take long to get one off the books, however.

Hartman takes a risky deep shot at a well-covered receiver, and Simmons falls with the interception at the SU 6-yard line.

11:49 am: Wake has no answer for Syracuse.

Shrader converts a pair of first downs with his arms and legs, including an 8-yard finish to Queeley.

Syracuse got Jackson involved in the racing game, then Shrader followed a block from Chris Elmore over the edge to move the chains again.

Syracuse hasn’t played three-and-outs the entire half.

Shrader found Cooper 15 yards, then ran for 15 more himself.

The Orange, who came down to the red zone for the second time today, called their first time-out before a 3rd and 1 on 5 with 6:55 remaining at halftime.

Shrader followed Dakota Davis into the end zone – with a push from Elmore – on the other side of the timeout.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 21, Wake Forest 10; 6:49 left in second quarter

2:14 p.m .: Wake Forest moves on the offensive behind his patient running game and Hartman’s balance as he waits for a receiving target to open.

Explosive play, hard to find on the previous two drives, is making a big comeback on a 46-yard touchdown by Perry. Marlowe Wax shot down Christian Beal-Smith for a 3-yard loss, then was called up for a hand-to-face on Perry’s long touchdown.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 14, Wake Forest 10; 11:53 left in second quarter

3:00 p.m .: This whole running sets up the shot down.

Anthony Queeley shoots in an easy throw-and-catch covering 24 yards.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 14, Wake 3; 14:21 left in second quarter

First shift

4:48: Shrader finds Sharod Johnson for his catch of the day, a look similar to Jackson’s, but Johnson trailed midfield as the game’s second option.

Syracuse then shows a small option with Shrader and Tucker to get a third and a manageable short, which Tucker converts.

Shrader picks up a crucial 3rd and 7 on his own, dodging defenders in the backfield, then beating another defender at the edge to move the chains.

That, along with the end of the first trimester, says it all.

Syracuse ran 22 plays in the quarter (16 rushing attempts) and gained 110 rushing yards averaging 6.68 yards per play.

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Syracuse 7, Wake Forest 3

5:52: Hartman took a few shots near the AT Perry sideline, but Garrett Williams was in cover on both plays to bring in a quick third down.

At third and long, Cody Roscoe gets the credit for the sack with Okechukwu, and Wake Forest goes three-and-out for the second straight trip.

7:18 am: Josh Ilaoa is at the center of Airon Servais, who limped after the previous ride. But Syracuse is still making yards in the racing game. Shrader picked up 24 on the first game in the series.

Shrader, given a clean pocket, shoots a dart down the middle, but the bullet is dropped by Devaughn Cooper. Shrader returns to Cooper at third base, but the pass is weak and falls incomplete.

Syracuse will kick, but it’s not a good one by James Williams. It’s scored as a 10-yard punt.

8:28 am: Syracuse launches its second wave of linemen with Terry Lockett and Caleb Okechukwu.

Wake Forest comes out three times after Hartman leaves it behind its target.

12:02: Garrett Shrader starts off with a short deployment to Courtney Jackson, who picks up 21 yards to give SU his first try of the game.

After moving the chains twice with his legs, Shrader gives Sean Tucker on back-to-back plays to move into the red zone.

Tucker finished the score with a nice reduction to the right.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 7, Wake Forest 3; 8:28 left in first quarter

3:00 p.m .: Wake Forest opened with the game’s first possession and missed a wide open touchdown pass on third and goal.

Quarterback Sam Hartman let down tight end Brandon Chapman, who had no defenseman close to him on the goal line.

Hartman had to come out for a game earlier in practice after losing his helmet in a sack, but returned to convert on the third down to move the ball close to midfield.

Hartman then found Jaquarii Roberson deep in a one-on-one clash with Jason Simmons Jr. up to the 10-yard line, covering a 42-yard gain.

SCORE UPDATE: Wake Forest 3, Syracuse 0; 12:06 remaining in the first quarter

Pre-match notes

It’s just a little less hectic before the game this week, as the first element concerns the status of the team’s starting bettor.

James Williams is in the building, a powerful indicator he will be available to play after missing last week’s 33-30 loss to Florida State.

Williams was among the surprise absences last week. The other, of course, was Taj Harris, who has since left the program to request a transfer.

But there are several notable players who won’t be available for Saturday’s game.

Starting left goalie Chris Bleich is absent, as is upper reserve Darius Tisdale. That makes true first-year guard Kalan Ellis, a 6-foot-6, 365-pounder from Hawaii, the best candidate to make his first career debut.

Syracuse will be without Ja’Had Carter security for a fourth consecutive week. Carter, who started 10 games last year as a rookie, led all of the SU’s defensive backs with 67 tackles last season and also recorded two interceptions, three pass stoppages, one forced fumble and one fumble. recovery.

Running back Abdul Adams is unavailable for Saturday’s game, a team spokesperson said.

And freshman Oronde Gadsden II came out with a boot on his right foot. Gadsden has played sparingly this season, but is one of the team’s best young receivers.

Carter is one of the team’s best playmakers in high school, and it’s a game that could be determined by which team has a higher success rate on their down shots.

Some Syracuse personnel wear green shirts and khaki pants on Military Appreciation Day. Head Coach Dino Babers wears a long-sleeved camouflage shirt with an American flag on the right arm.


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