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LONDON, England, November 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc (SLSG) has identified a need in the rapidly growing cannabis and CBD industry to establish a corporate finance and credit facility and brands, in particular those in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The dynamic group, specializing in production, cultivation, genetics and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical space of CBD, has chosen Luxembourg as the home of choice for the implementation of a securitization vehicle as a platform. highly specialized for the CBD industry, in order to raise funds from the institutional investor space, HNWI and family-office.

The platform allows the issuance of notes to professional investors in the EU and UK financial markets and a wrapper installation [specifically for the French market].

A securitization vehicle allows companies to raise funds on their assets and operations in a regulated environment and create flexible securities, which can then be acquired by investors interested in obtaining securitized exposure in the CBD space.

Jean-Pierre Engele, COO at Savim SA, the group’s origination and production activity and former head of special situations and event investment at Dresdner Kleinworts Bank, explains: “Due to the nature of the industry cannabis and CBD and general misconceptions about its legality, even opening a bank account for real legal CBD activity can be a challenge, as can processing credit cards for cross-border sales, so of course , raising funds from traditional banks is almost impossible. the perfect solution for companies operating in the legal and fast growing medical and wellness sectors, to raise additional funds on their assets, and Luxembourg provides the perfect transparent and advanced regulatory environment. “

Swiss Life Sciences Group has partnered with professional service providers to provide a simple, market-ready platform for industry companies to access and raise funds for their own projects and businesses. In addition, a team of professional advisors is on hand to advise you on fundraising strategy.

Jose Mugia, CEO of Swiss Life Sciences Group: “This is a clear diversification for a company in the production and manufacturing sector and shows the dynamic and forward-thinking approach we take. We hear every day from great companies and partners that we work with about how good it is to access finance, so this was a natural expansion of our business for us and was part of our own future fundraising plan before the expansion of the IPO. “

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