Several Corsair gaming keyboards are cheaper than ever


We’ve found three discounted gaming keyboards from Corsair that should appeal to most people, available in a variety of form factors and with different functionality. First up, Corsair’s first 60% keyboard, the K65. This compact keyboard normally costs $ 109.99 but recently dropped to $ 89.99 at Best buy and Amazon. We last saw the K65 drop to this price point on Black Friday. While this keyboard’s scaled-down layout is certainly not for everyone, it should appeal to those looking for a minimalist aesthetic on their desktops.

Just like other 60% keyboards, the K65 eliminates the row of functions, directional arrows, and navigation keys that let you move up and down the page with ease. This keyboard uses Cherry MX Silver switches and a detachable USB-C connector. The PBT keys even use a standard layout, allowing you to swap sets of custom keys if you wish.

Corsair K65

Corsair’s first 60% keyboard condenses the bare essentials into the smallest possible footprint. The K65 is equipped with Cherry speed switches, a detachable USB-C connector, and a standardized PBT key layout.

The most conventional keyboard we include today is the Corsair K70 RGB 2 Rapidfire. This model typically costs $ 169.99, but Best buy and Amazon reduced this full-size keyboard to $ 109.99. While this isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen for this particular model, it’s good value for anyone looking for a keyboard that doesn’t skimp on any functionality.

The K70 RGB 2 Rapidfire has dedicated media playback buttons, USB passthrough and is equipped with Cherry MX Silver switches. While the keycaps are made of ABS plastic, which is not as durable as PBT caps, the K70’s standard layout means you can easily swap them out for custom PBT keycaps.

Corsair K70 RGB 2 Rapidfire

A slightly older full-size keyboard from Corsair that exhibits many of the attributes you would expect from a keyboard of this stature. The K70 includes dedicated media playback buttons, Cherry MX Silver switches, and USB pass-through.

Something strange is the final Corsair model being handed over. The low profile K60 RGB is currently reduced to $ 79.99 on Amazon, a solid discount off its typical price of $ 109.99. This gaming keyboard retains a full-size footprint with a number pad and row of functions, but it uses a shorter version of the Cherry MX Speed ​​switch paired with thinner keys. The end result is a keyboard with discreet keys, which for some can provide a slightly more comfortable typing experience. While the thinner chassis still supports USB passthrough, the keys are, again, ABS plastic, not PBT, and will likely slowly build up visible grease and fingerprints.

Corsair K60 RGB low profile

One of the few low profile mechanical keyboards available, the Corsair K60 RGB Low Profile has all of the same features as the old K70, just with a slimmer design and without the dedicated media keys.

One of Razer’s most feature-rich mice, the Basilisk Ultimate is currently available for $ 113.99 on Amazon and $ 119.99 at Best Buy. This wireless mouse has eight programmable buttons, a 25K DPI sensor and can last up to 100 hours on a single charge. The Basilisk Ultimate also comes equipped with a detachable DPI switch that lets you quickly switch between DPI settings and adjustable voltage for its scroll wheel. Some call it a sniper button because it can make it easier for you to line up a shot with lower DPI. The mouse is certainly a bit heavy, weighing 103 grams, but if you don’t mind the bigger mice, the Basilisk Ultimate is a great choice.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate with charging station

Razer’s most customizable wireless mouse, the Basilisk Ultimate, includes a charging dock. As well as letting you tweak the Chroma RGB, it has a removable sniper button and adjustable scroll wheel.

Westinghouse might not be the first name you associate with gaming monitors, but this 32 inch panel comes with incredible value. Typically $ 299.99, Newegg reduced this monitor to just $ 229.99. Boasting a 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, this model shares features with other gaming monitors that are almost double the price. The Westinghouse gaming monitor also includes AMD FreeSync to help reduce screen tearing with AMD graphics cards, and in terms of ports, you get a pair of HDMI connections, a single Display Port input, and an audio jack 3, 5 mm. The monitor is compatible with VESA mounts and the included stand is adjustable in height and tilt.

Westinghouse 32 inch Gaming Monitor

A budget 32 ​​inch flat screen gaming monitor from Westinghouse with lots of cool features. This model has a resolution of 1440p, a refresh rate of 144Hz and is AMD FreeSync compatible.

If you’re looking for a decent webcam, or just a webcam with its own dedicated lighting, the Razer Kiyo is on sale right now. $ 60.99, its lowest price ever on Amazon. The specs are pretty standard for a standalone webcam under $ 100, capable of capturing 30 fps at 1080p or 60 fps at 720p. However, the standout feature of this webcam is the built-in ring light, which can be very useful in low light situations or anywhere where the lighting is uneven. Like virtually all of Razer’s peripherals, the Kiyo is compatible with its Synapse software which also lets you fine-tune things like depth of field and lighting temperature.

Razer kiyo

The Razer’s Kiyo webcam supports 1080p resolution at 30fps or 720p resolution at 60fps. Its most interesting feature, however, is the built-in ring light, which can illuminate you while streaming or during video calls.

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