Push Security gets $4 million to introduce a user-centric approach to securing SaaS


Push Security, a technology provider enabling the secure adoption and use of SaaS, announced that it has completed a $4 million funding round led by Decibel and supported by prominent industry leaders, including Jon Oberheide , co-founder of Duo Security, and Haroon Meer, CEO and Founder. by Thinkst.

With this funding, Push will continue to develop technology that helps employees make smart decisions when using the company’s SaaS platforms, enlisting their help to improve security.

In a cloud-centric world, employees are rapidly evolving and adopting SaaS platforms to get things done. Most organizations use hundreds of SaaS applications in their environment and the majority of these applications belong to employees rather than IT or security. SaaS makes productivity gains and technical innovation accessible to businesses of all sizes, but it also introduces business risk if not properly managed. Without a way to ensure that employees are using SaaS securely, many organizations attempt to control SaaS with highly restrictive policies, which is frustrating for employees and security teams.

Push believes that the best way to support this shift towards productivity and flexibility is to take a user-centric approach – to empower employees to enhance their own security while using SaaS.

Adam Bateman, co-founder and CEO of Push
Employees want flexibility and they need the right tools to be productive, but those tools aren’t always company-approved. So they register themselves for these tools. Security teams want to exert some control over this because SaaS applications pose a risk to their business, so they often try to just lock down the SaaS. However, in the long run, it just encourages employees to work around the security team. You can’t secure an employee-owned SaaS without working with employees. We’ve designed a lightweight, scalable way to empower employees to use SaaS responsibly, guiding them through resolving security issues, while offloading the work of security teams.

Ollie Whitehouse, angel investor and CTO at NCC Group
The future of cyber resilience in a SaaS-driven world needs cloud-scale solutions designed for the user. Push has provided a solution that has unlimited potential to bring value to all organizations in such a world.


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