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EL SEGUNDO, Calif. And SAN DIEGO, July 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Premier Beverage Consortium (also known as PBC Companies), an independent collaboration between proven innovators in the wine and spirits industry, and Steam studio, the acclaimed brand creation and marketing agency has launched a new digitally native incubator model that is reshaping the way ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, premium craft spirits and non-alcoholic beverage brands are put on the market. PBC Ventures cuts the time it takes to market beverage brands by two-thirds and dramatically changes sales dynamics. With PBC Ventures’ new model, wholesale accounts can choose to attract particular brands to shelves based on consumer interest, as opposed to the outdated method of account teams pushing them to retail based retailers. the unproven promise of customer interest. First introduction of PBC Ventures, Doc Wylder infused lemonade, which went from ideation to retail distribution in less than six months, proves the market is ready for this innovation.

Brands born under the umbrella of PBC Ventures are introduced to consumers online first through the scalable direct-to-consumer channel, and then allowed to migrate to wholesale accounts as interest increases.

PBC Venture’s proprietary platform combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution in a way that has never been done before in the beverage business. Through its global sourcing relationships and marketing expertise, PBC Ventures represents unprecedented agile momentum for the industry that combines speed to market with wholesale account support via marketing and data from DTC online sale. PBC Ventures maintains strategic relationships to ensure that consumers in key markets across the country can purchase its brands online before physical availability.

PBC Ventures is an independent entity led by beverage industry veteran Ron Miranda and Ricardo Camargo, president and director of global creative agency Vapor Studio. Miranda is an award-winning sourcing and branding leader in the wine, spirits and RTD cocktails spaces. Level 2 Sommelier, Miranda is well known in the industry for her expertise in developing high-end, multi-million dollar private label products for some of the greats in the industry including Safeway, Trader Joe’s and Restaurant Depot. . Camargo brings to PBC Ventures over 20 years of experience conceptualizing and marketing new brands and brand extensions for global properties. Vapor Studio is very adept at creating brands and products that fill an existing void in the market, taking them from the whiteboard to the final stages of the sales cycle. Together, the two have applied new thinking and new marketing to an industry that has historically been slow to change.

“Ron’s pedigree in the beverage industry is almost untouchable. It maintains relationships with global suppliers to ensure the highest quality wines and spirits, at the best price, at a speed established players cannot come close to, ”commented Camargo.

Doc Wylder’s infused lemonade proves PBC Ventures incubator concept
Traditional beverage brand houses often spend millions of dollars marketing new products in-store, which can take 18 months to two years to reach retail. This model poses a financial risk to the brand, as consumer tastes can change between concept and launch, and eventual entry into the wholesale channel, which is sold on the basis of the unproven promise of consumer acceptance. PBC Ventures has the resources to accelerate the creation of brands based on premium ingredients and the marketing and branding expertise to ensure consumer awareness.

With the evolution of regulation in the DTC spirits market, PBC Ventures is at the forefront of developing a new funnel that synergizes the e-commerce and retail channel of the 100 billion dollar market. dollars. With strategic relationships that allow it to sell direct to consumers online in more than 30 states, as well as military bases nationwide, accounts may decide to retire PBC Ventures brands based on proven local demand through local markets. DTC online sales.

Doc Wylder’s new infused lemonade launched in the United States earlier this year and will be available in Canada later this summer. It consists of four styles of premium RTD lemonades including classic vodka infused lemonade, vodka infused berry lemonade, classic bourbon infused lemonade, and tequila infused margarita style lemonade. Packaged in graphically distinct resealable and recyclable 12 oz aluminum bottles, Doc Wylder’s is a refreshing, non-carbonated, low-calorie alternative to the flavored malt and seltzer sodas that have saturated the retail landscape. Brought to market via DTC online in just six months, retail accounts have already requested a supply due to unprecedented consumer interest online.

“The battle for consumer attention in the beverage space begins online with marketing and branding. History has shown that having the best product won’t matter if the customer isn’t in the know. I reached out to Ricardo and the Vapor Studio team because they know better than most how to bring ether groups into omnichannel retail, ”commented Miranda. “Unlike traditional DTC brands, our best growth opportunity is through our business partners, and their greatest asset will be knowing up front which of our brands performs best in their market for their customers. “

In addition to Doc Wylder’s infused lemonade, PBC Ventures plans to launch a collection of craft spirits soon later in 2021, featuring uniquely designed vodka, gin and bourbon brands.

About Premier Beverage Consortium Ventures
Premier Beverage Consortium Ventures (PBC Ventures) represents new momentum for the beverage industry. PBC Ventures uses a proprietary platform that combines digital marketing with direct-to-consumer, wholesale and retail distribution channels. With its branding and sourcing expertise, as well as its significant fundraising capital, PBC Ventures is leading the change in how beverage brands give it a competitive advantage to pioneer the rapid growth of its brands. exclusive focused on the alcohol, functional drinks and hemp sectors.

Premier Beverage Consortium is a wholly owned subsidiary of SponsorsOne. You can find more information about SponsorsOne at sponsorsone.com.

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