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LONDON, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Neom Blockchain Technologies has announced that it will allocate $10 million to start-ups that deliver innovative smart city solutions and benefit companies in the metaverse space. , with high added value. The technology company said it has launched initiatives for fast and reliable funding for start-ups that offer sustainable and innovative solutions that want to have a say in the world of tomorrow. In addition, they will ensure that the financing process runs smoothly, quickly and reliably by cooperating with various investment funds in Europe and the Middle East.

They said they will provide a fund of $10 million from the revenue they obtained during the pre-sale process to start-ups and entrepreneurs who offer innovative and applicable solutions for smart cities, such as digital footprints, water and energy saving, renewable energy, food logistics with RFID technology, graphene technologies, finance, digital insurance, blockchain solutions, internet of objects (IoT), education, security, employment, etc., but also with high added value that will benefit society and humanity in the metaverse.

Neom Blockchain Technologies said in its statement on its website, “they know the difficulties that entrepreneurs have in finding funds, they want to solve difficult processes, cash flow problems to some extent and support quality initiatives”. They also claim that all entrepreneurs around the world can benefit from this opportunity.

Neom Blockchain Technologies also pointed out that they will conduct cooperation negotiations through the investment funds they have provided to select and finance start-ups and process progress that are transparent, fast and reliable.

Additionally, Neom Blockchain Technologies stated that they are grateful to all of their supporters for the intense interest shown in New Earth Order Money (NEOM) cryptocurrencies trading on BitMart cryptocurrency exchanges on January 6th and that they have prepared various surprises in the coming days. for all users who show interest in the presale process and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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