Missouri Governor Takes Action on Fiscal 22 State Operating Budget Bills



Jefferson City, MO (STL.News) Wednesday, Governor of Missouri Mike Parson signed on Fiscal year 2022 (FY22) operating budget bills that invest in critical infrastructure projects, support stronger communities, fund workforce development priorities, and increase pre-pandemic spending levels in the kindergarten to grade 12 and higher education.

“When the 2021 legislative session began, Missouri was still going through some of the toughest days of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which affected all state agencies and Missouri,” Governor Parson said. “Yet the Missouri General Assembly stayed the course and delivered a balanced budget that responsibly allocates hard-earned taxpayer dollars.”

The Missouri state budget for fiscal year 22 is approximately $ 35.6 billion, including $ 10.5 billion in general revenue. In addition, Governor Parson issued 26 vetoes per article, totaling nearly $ 115 million. To see the full list of budget vetoes, click here.

“Missouri’s financial situation is very different from what we faced in 2020, and we commend the General Assembly for recognizing this historic opportunity to make critical investments in the future of our state,” said Governor Parson.

Key investments in infrastructure projects are moving the state forward and have helped make Missouri a premier destination for business expansion. Improving Missouri’s infrastructure will remain a top priority for Governor Parson and his administration. FY22 budget bills include:

  • $ 154.4 million for State Road Fund construction projects.
  • $ 60.2 million in bond for state park improvement projects.
  • $ 21 million for maintenance and repair projects at State Highway Patrol facilities.
  • $ 15 million for the maintenance and repair of low volume roads.
  • $ 10 million to increase broadband access in underserved areas.
  • $ 6.3 million for port capital improvement projects.

Missouri Governor Parson understands that education and workforce development initiatives must work hand in hand to prepare Missouri’s next generations for future demands. The FY22 budget will provide more Missourians with the education and training needed to develop a skilled workforce by investing:

  • $ 252.7 million and 121 employees from various government agencies to support the new Children’s Office.
  • $ 20.2 million over FY22 spending levels for four-year higher education institutions.
  • $ 13.2 million to support the A + Schools scholarship program.
  • $ 10 million for community colleges.
  • $ 8.5 million to fully fund the foundation formula.
  • $ 8.4 million for special early childhood education programs.
  • $ 3.9 million to support the Bright Flight program.
  • $ 2.7 million to support the Accelerated Workforce Incentive Grant Program.
  • $ 2 million for the State Technical College.
  • $ 2 million to develop Missouri’s new emerging high-tech industry.
  • $ 750,000 for an additional 12,000 students to complete the ACT Keys to Work and Career Preparation Assessment.
  • $ 200,000 for the Main Street program.

During the 2021 state-of-state address, Governor Parson called on lawmakers to fund projects that strengthen the health and safety of communities across the state. The FY22 budget will make real progress in strengthening communities by allocating:

  • $ 166.3 million to increase rates for service providers for people with disabilities.
  • $ 15 million to establish six new crisis stabilization centers and further support existing centers.
  • $ 8.3 million to expand the Behavioral Home Care program.
  • $ 5.3 million for 50 additional community mental health and addictions liaison officers.
  • $ 3.6 million and 53 staff to deal with waiting lists in the Missouri public defense system.
  • $ 1 million in grants for violent crime prevention, community engagement and mental health support for law enforcement.
  • $ 21.5 million to recruit and retain quality employees in the Department of Corrections.
  • $ 6 million for county jail reimbursements.
  • $ 2.5 million to further support recidivism reduction programs.
  • $ 2.6 million and 11 State Highway Patrol Troopers to assist with violent crime investigations across the state.
  • $ 1.1 million for the Operation Legend grant program.
  • $ 1 million for the state witness protection fund.
  • $ 575,000 to provide grants for security equipment for law enforcement officers.

“We applaud the work of the General Assembly not only for a balanced budget, but also for the renewal of the federal reimbursement allowance program,” said Governor Parson. “With billions of dollars at risk and millions of livelihoods at stake, the majority of lawmakers put aside narrow political interests and passed an ARF renewal bill that protects the world’s most vulnerable populations. Missouri and builds on our pro-life principles. Without their efforts, we would be announcing unprecedented budget cuts rather than these historic investments. To everyone who helped FRA cross the finish line: We appreciate your work.

To consult the bills of the State operating budget for fiscal year 2022, Click here.



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