Man dies by suicide after being ‘harassed for loan repayment he didn’t even receive’


PUNE Police are investigating a case in which a 22-year-old man died by suicide after executives of a financial company allegedly harassed him and circulated his processed images to his relatives for the collection of a loan of Rs 8,000 which, investigation has now revealed, he had not even received.

A first information report in the case has been filed at Sinhagad Road Police Station against executives of a financial company which offers the facility to disburse small loans through a phone app.

The man, who worked in a petrol pump, committed suicide in the Manikbag district on January 27.

The initial suicide investigation has now revealed the youngster was being harassed by some executives at a financial company. Officials said that although he applied for a small loan of Rs 8,000, investigation suggests he had not received the amount.

Sinhagad Road Police Inspector PR Waghmare, who is investigating the case, said: ‘The deceased was from Kerala

Recently, he started receiving messages for the repayment of a loan of Rs 8,000. The probe so far suggests that he had not even received this loan amount. Later, company executives started harassing him. Her morphed nude images were released to her relatives in Kerala. The plaintiff in the case, who is his relative, alleged that he took his own life because of this harassment. The primary probe suggests the same.

Police have yet to make any arrests in the case.

“We have yet to determine how he started receiving messages despite the fact that he did not receive the loan amount. A case of inciting suicide has been registered and we are working on different angles, ”said the Inspector Waghmare.


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