Indonesia: on the brink of disaster as COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals – Indonesia



Kuala Lumpur / Jakarta / Geneva, June 29, 2021: Urgent increases are needed in medical care, testing and vaccinations as Indonesia is on the brink of a COVID-19 disaster.

The most dangerous and deadly COVID-19 Delta variant is fueling infections that are skyrocketing across Indonesia, overwhelming hospitals and oxygen supplies in Jakarta and other parts of the country.

Less than 5% of Indonesia’s adult population has been fully immunized. Indonesia faces a global immunization injustice by purchasing 360 million doses needed to immunize at least 70% of the population.

More than 20% of COVID-19 tests in Indonesia are positive according to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, indicating that the number of sick and infected people is likely to be much more widespread.

Sudirman Said, Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross said:

“We are seeing a record number of infections, but every statistic is a person suffering, grieving or struggling to support the people they love. Our medical teams provide life-saving care, with overcrowded hospitals and extremely low oxygen reserves.

“The Indonesian Red Cross’s COVID-19 hospital in Bogor, West Java, is overflowing. We have set up emergency tents at the hospital to accommodate more patients, many traveling for hours so they can access life-saving medical care. “

The Indonesian Red Cross has urgently stepped up efforts to treat people and contain COVID-19 across the country, with support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Nearly 6,500 volunteers provide medical care and ambulance services, administer vaccines, test people and provide clean water, masks and hygiene products while carrying out public information campaigns.

Jan Gelfand, Head of the IFRC Delegation in Indonesia, said:

“Every day we see this Delta variant bringing Indonesia closer to the edge of a COVID-19 disaster.

“We need lightning-fast global action to ensure countries like Indonesia have access to the vaccines they need to prevent tens of thousands of deaths. We need to focus on getting vaccinated in the arms of those most at risk and all adults around the world to contain this virus. “

The IFRC is seeking vital funding for its global COVID-19 emergency appeal, with around 55% of the appeal covered so far. The funds are essential to support the vital work of the IFRC and member National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world.



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