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A press release from Tacoma / Pierce County Habitat for Humanity.

Before the pandemic hit, Tacoma Habitat was quietly working with HUD to become a certified housing counseling organization. We did not know that in a short time this service would be in greater demand than ever for our community.

Since March 2020, our small team has served over 400 clients with housing advice—With a full-time housing counselor, two employees for whom housing counseling is fair part of their work and a small network of entrepreneurs.

Their hard work helped people like Sunny, who was paying 95% of her monthly income for her mortgage. The Tacoma Habitat housing advisory team worked with her to secure a new loan, refinancing her mortgage, saving her $ 400 per month.

Our team also helped Ann, a hopeful future buyer. Ann came to the program with several unpaid bills and loans that had been recovered. The Tacoma Habitat advisory team helped Ann settle collections with creditors, including cutting the highest collection payment by just over half. Ann’s credit score has already increased to the point that she is qualified to apply for homeownership through Habitat.

As the demand for advice increases, Tacoma Habitat is working with Pierce County to advance a demand for American Rescue Plan Act Funding Increase the network of HUD-certified housing counselors in Pierce County to ensure clients can easily access and receive housing counseling services to avoid foreclosures.

Susanna Keilman

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