Georgia Tech expands LEAP program with Department of Juvenile Justice


The Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (GT-SCL) residing and supported by the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE), in coordination with Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), is expanding its logistics training and pathways program ( LEAP) program with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Reintegration Program to implement services for eligible participants at the Chatham, Bibb, and Muscogee Education Transition Centers (ETCs).

The goal of CTEs is to reduce recidivism and give participants the tools, training, and opportunities to progress as productive members of society with sustainable employment and rewarding careers.

LEAP is a fast-track certification program that prepares high school students to compete for high-growth jobs in supply chain and logistics, an outcome that is a natural part of ETC’s mission. .

“I want to thank Georgia Tech for being a great business partner in rehabilitating our youth involved in the justice system,” said Tyrone Oliver, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. “The LEAP program will help our young people learn valuable skills to help them build a better future.”

Initially, this partnership began with a pilot program in July 2019 and culminated when DJJ’s Chatham ETC held its awards ceremony at Georgia Tech’s Savannah campus. The expansion of this program in 2022 will provide students not just in Chatham County, but now in Bibb and Muscogee counties, with the knowledge, skills and credentials needed to build careers in the fast-growing blockchain industry. supply and logistics.

All funding for the LEAP program comes from industry partners such as Georgia Power Foundation, Schneider Foundation, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. In addition, DJJ has also helped fund this successful partnership with ETCs.

Upon completing the program, students receive an official GTPE Certificate of Completion for each pass/fail LEAP course (Supply Chain Management Principles, Customer Service Operations, Transportation Operations and Warehouse Operations), all of which are sanctioned by the Board of Regents of the University. Georgia system.

Typically, at the end of their program, there is an awards ceremony where they receive their Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) Certificate of Professional Education.

“While earning GT vocational credentials, attending field trips to Gulfstream, GA Ports Authority, Amazon or Dynacraft and enhancing their potential to gain employment in the booming supply chain industry expansion of Savannah, this may have served as the initial motivation to attempt the program, the impact was immeasurable. Our students grew up in areas that strengthened their self-confidence, work ethic and intrinsic motivation. As a result, our students see themselves as productive citizens with credentials for quality jobs or careers in their future,” said ArtLisa Alston-Cone, Head Teacher, DJJ Chatham ETC.

“We’ve all had times in our lives when someone put us down, intentionally or not. There will always be that student in the corner who you think doesn’t care, but with the proper attention and care, he can become a star. It is easy to predetermine what someone is capable of; but when these students take this program, the light bulb goes out, they become interested and develop a passion and self-confidence through this course,” said Charles Easley Jr., GT-SCL Project Director and Instructor.


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