Former Binance and Morgan Stanley Developers Launch Exclusive Crypto Exchange Platform


SINGAPORE, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Recently, six former Binance executives and three former software architects from Morgan Stanley’s FICC department launched a new crypto exchange called Fairdesk in September.

Fairdesk is a forward-looking company focused on creating a platform that allows traders to be both long and short, profiting from both bullish and bearish markets, with the effect of leverage up to 125X. Fairdesk strives for safety, fairness, reliability and high performance.

Basic features of Fairdesk:

Security: With all funds stored in multi-tiered cold wallets and every transaction manually reviewed and signed offline, Fairdesk guarantees the highest level of protection to its clients and stakeholders. Cold wallets are mostly disconnected from the network and are the least susceptible to network-based attacks.

Justice: A carefully designed branded price, funding rate, and staggered liquidation process help limit the extent and frequency of liquidation, thereby protecting client assets in most market situations. The trading commission is set at the lowest levels in the industry, leaving the profits to the clients.

Reliability: Fairdesk’s business infrastructure is designed to be reliable. They claim that if the system goes down, they will compensate clients who have open positions. This once again demonstrates their determination to provide highly reliable service to their customers.

Efficient infrastructures: Their proprietary matching engine can efficiently handle over 450,000 orders per second, with 99.9% of orders being filled in a millisecond, providing their clients with a blazingly fast trading experience.

Jacky Choi, one of the crypto firm’s co-founders, joined Binance as a tech executive after working more than five years with Morgan Stanley. He mentioned:

“The whole crypto trading industry is quite fascinating because blockchain is the future and users are very active. However, the crypto trading business is still very young and a lot could be done to make trading faster. , safer and fairer.

We shared the ideas with our former colleagues, and we all decided to together create a new trading platform to make it happen and we did. “

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