Biden tells Republicans “out of the way” of debt restrictions



Washington President Joe Biden on Monday sidelined Republican senators to suspend Democratic Party public debt restrictions, and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to lend, threatening US government of the help of his party, which wants to prevent him from approaching the fault.

Biden’s criticism led Congress to authorize more borrowing to keep government operations going after facing an Oct. 18 deadline and recording $ 28.4 trillion in public debt. The House of Representatives has passed measures to suspend debt restrictions, but McConnell has forced Senate Democrats into an unpleasant process that can approach them belatedly with little margin for error.

Both Biden and McConnell have pledged the country to avoid defaults, but the public fights and political position are at risk of crumbling economically. The global economy relies on the stability of US Treasury securities, and unpaid debt can crush financial markets and plunge the United States into recession. Biden said the debt restrictions would apply to borrowing that had already taken place, including under former President Donald Trump, and that Republicans were hurting the country by blocking the suspension of restrictions.

“They have to stop playing Russian roulette in the US economy,” Biden told the White House. “Republicans have to make us work. Do not be shy. If you don’t want to save the country, then don’t be shy and don’t destroy the country.

McConnell said Republicans gave Democrats a roadmap for dealing with debt ceilings with months of warning.

“I suggest our fellow Democrats move,” McConnell said on Capitol Hill.

The need to increase a country’s debt limit with just one regular vote is becoming increasingly partisan. Asking for concessions or casting unpopular votes with Democrats to allow more debt has become the Republicans’ preferred political weapon. McConnell has linked a vote to Biden’s multibillion-dollar tax and economic program awaiting parliamentary approval. However, Mr Biden says his plan’s debt price is ‘zero’ and will be paid by tax increases to businesses and high net worth individuals that the Democratic Party has defined as people who earn more than $ 400,000. per year, or couples who earn Suite. Over $ 450,000.

Biden said he plans to speak with McConnell, who dug his own letter to the president.

“We don’t have a list of requests. In a letter from Monday, the Kentucky senator wants your party to rule on its own for two and a half months, so the debt restrictions must be addressed on its own. I just warned that I had to do it.

Financial markets are relatively calm, with interest rates on 10-year government bonds just below 1.5%. That rate is slightly higher than the all-time low set last year due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, but remains lower than any other time in data tracked by the Federal Reserve for nearly 60 years.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen predicts the government will run out of cash reserves on October 18, and she says the event is likely to trigger a financial crisis and recession. Senate Leader Chuck Schumer warned Monday that it would be dangerous for the economy to approach its deadline.

In a letter to the Democratic senator, Schumer said, “Even approaching date X has dire consequences for our economy, devastating American families and the average American. This could increase the cost of borrowing and hamper a long-term economic recovery. “

Democrats and Republicans disagree on how to handle the extension of debt ceilings. Republicans argue Democrats will use the same legislative tools that are already being used on their own to pass Biden’s plans to strengthen safety nets, health and environment programs. The Democratic Party says extending debt limits has always been a bipartisan effort, with debt limits set under the presidents of both parties.

Schumer said the Senate would be forced to continue its session over the weekend, and possibly the week following the senator’s planned return to his home country, if the debt problem was not resolved this week.

Schumer also passed the Senate and is stuck in the House of Representatives with a $ 1,000 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill, and Biden’s largest $ 3.5 trillion focused on social programs and the environment compensated by taxes. Increase in companies and wealthy people who have discussed the status quo with their efforts. He said the president visited the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives on Friday, building support for both measures.

“He encouraged them to stay together, to compromise and find a sweet spot that would allow us to get the job done,” Schumer said. “I sincerely agree with his feelings. We can accomplish this together if we put our differences aside and find common ground within the party. “

Schumer and McConnell continued to discuss debt ceilings when the Senate met on Monday afternoon.

McConnell said Biden voted against raising the debt ceiling as a senator when Republicans ruled Congress and the president.

But Schumer said Democrats didn’t demand a majority to overcome the filibuster, but allowed for or against votes at the time. He said the Republican Party should follow this lead when seeking to submit a residential pass bill that suspends debt limits until December 2022.

“We are not asking Republicans to support him when it comes time to vote. We just ask them to stay away. Like the majority party did in the early 2000s. Let the Democrats hand it over to us, ”Schumer said.

“In reality, we cannot afford to wait until October 18 to extend our debt ceiling,” Schumer added. “Even near misses can have dramatic consequences. “

Biden will travel to Michigan on Tuesday to promote his legislative plans as negotiations resume in Washington. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema have said they will not support the $ 3.5 trillion spending bill. And many House Democrats do not support small, bipartisan infrastructure plans until agreement is reached on bigger measures.

President Joe Biden speaks about debt ceilings during an event at the White House State Dining Room in Washington on Monday.

Republicans fight against raising the debt ceiling



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