AdvanceSOS Awarded Best Financial Services Provider in Miami, Oklahoma

  • AdvanceSOS wins Best Online Financial Services Provider in Miami, OK in 2022.

Miami, Oklahoma, June 1, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Among many other nominees, Advance SOS exceeded various criteria in serving customers. He championed speed of service, customer experience, loan rates and approval rates. This distinction marked its excellence in providing top quality loan connection services. He did this with the help of his valued customers, who say AdvanceSOS ranks first in meeting the needs.

“We are thrilled to announce that AdvanceSOS has been recognized as the best financial services provider in Miami, OK,” said Nick Wilson, Founder and CEO of AdvanceSOS. “It’s a real honor to know how Miami, OK gives value and validation to our hard work,” he continued.

The reward

Price interviewed men and women between the ages of 21 and 50 from Miami, OK. Participants determined which of the nominees won based on the judging criteria. Once the survey was finalized, the winning candidate received the distinction.

Entry evaluation

TOP Financial Services Provider judges in Miami, OK, evaluated the applicants based on specific criteria. Each candidate was evaluated on their speed of service, customer experience, loan rates and approval rating. After which, each contestant’s score was totaled to determine the winner of the award.

  1. Speed ​​of services

Service speed focuses on how quickly an organization delivers its services to customers. Survey participants rated how quickly customers can get loans with each applicant. From application to publication, the response time to customer needs was at the center of these criteria.

  1. Client experience

Customer experience is about anything that affects how a customer thinks and feels about the candidate and their services. For this criterion, survey participants asked how the candidate treats their customers. They looked at all interactions, direct and indirect.

Among the interactions rated by participants was customer experience with the website. The panel also looked at how each candidate dealt with customers concerned about services and products.

  1. Loan rate

For this criterion, survey participants were asked about each candidate’s loan rates. First, participants were asked to see how low or high each candidate’s ratings were. But they were also asked to inspect how the loan compared to the quality of service each applicant provides to their clients.

  1. Approval rate

Approval rates determine how each candidate ranks against each other. Thus, each participant in the survey was asked to rank the candidates according to their preference.

The AdvanceSOS team

AdvanceSOS is an online financial services provider that helps people looking for the best payday loan deals. Over the years we have built our network of trustworthy lending partners. All of our partners follow strict policies and have licenses, ensuring customers can use our platform with confidence.

Inspired by our founder and CEO, Nick Wilson, our main goal is to help people get the money they need. With just one simple and short online form, we can immediately inform you of your best loan offer. All of our services are FREE, so you can easily apply for a loan anytime, anywhere.

AdvanceSOS owes its success to its team consisting of the following persevering people,

  • Julie Collins, Business Development Manager
  • Ajalen Holley, Partner
  • Dikshita Mehta, Customer Service Manager
  • Jake Walker, Content Manager
  • Amanda Girard, Financial Writer

Media Contact:

AdvanceSOS, LLC

Dikshita Mehta, Customer Service Manager

[email protected]

+1 (918) 544-52-99

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