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Alongside Seer, a series of changes were made to the meta in Season 10 of Apex Legends. In addition to the new Recon Legend adding an element of active surveillance to the game, players have also undergone changes in the Apex Legends weapon meta. This time around, the Spitfire LMG and Alternator SMG have become deadly additions to the Care Packages, with the exception of the mighty Triple Take and Kraber Snipers.

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Luckily for gamers, they can also wreak havoc on the battlefield with the new Rampage LMG and the return of the Prowler SMG from the Care Package. With this new meta, which weapons remain underrated?

Charge Rifle (Sniper, Sniper)

Charge rifle

Newcomers can easily suspect the Charge rifle to be an L-STAR, mainly because of their common framework. And unfortunately, it tends to overwhelm players unfamiliar with its mechanics. For example, Charge Rifle costs two Snipers Ammo per shot, its long reload time not helping in clutch situations. Additionally, its shots don’t penetrate enemies and come in the form of a beam that can easily reveal its location.

However, the Charge Rifle is powerful enough for a sniper rifle. Basically, the Charge Rifle offers near-infinite range without the need to compensate for long-range aim or bullet drop. Plus, the charge rifle remains precise even when using ziplines or shooting while falling. Additionally, players might want to try using the Charge Rifle on a hip shot, as it can act like a mini – and though more violent – L-STAR.

HAVOC Rifle (AR, Energy)

Rifle of Devastation

For an assault rifle, the HAVOC rifle can become extremely frustrating for its ramp-up requirement. After all, this little delay is easily punishable in clutch fights. This unnecessary delay, in addition to a slow reload speed and strong recoil, can make the HAVOC Rifle a nightmare for newcomers to wield.

Fortunately, what the HAVOC Rifle lacks in speed, it more than makes up for with its high damage stats. When used correctly, the HAVOC rifle delivers decent damage per shot per second. Additionally, the HAVOC rifle outperforms all other ARs in terms of magnetic capability.

G7 Scout (sniper, light)

G7 Scout

Fans of Fall of the Titans will probably remember the G2A6 when looking at the G7 Scout. This is because the Marksman weapon serves as the successor to the G2A6. Unfortunately, its shotgun frame makes it an odd one between shotgun and sniper, apparently not excelling in either. It doesn’t help that the G7 Scout isn’t good with iron sights and performs poorly at close range.

However, the G7 Scout can easily outperform other weapons when used correctly. It has a sufficiently high rate of fire to compete with automatic weapons. In addition, its bullet travel distance can also compete with snipers. In addition to decent mid-range performance, a G7 Scout with the right optics can become a high-speed sniper alternative.

30-30 Repeater (Markman, Heavy)

30 30 Repeater

When season 8 introduced the 30-30 Repeater, a number of Battle Pass quests required players to use it more often. After all, gamers would certainly be wondering – how exactly is the 30-30 Repeater different from the G7 Scout? It doesn’t help that his charged shots require ADS – which both lowers the rate of fire and reveals some pretty distracting iron sights. To add to its drawbacks, it has an extremely slow reload speed and slow ball stroke at long range.

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Fortunately, the 30-30 Repeater has its fair share of strengths. For example, donning the Shatter Caps can make the 30-30 Repeater almost as powerful as SMGs and shotguns in close range shots. In addition, the 30-30 is easy to handle with the advantage of being able to fire a bullet while reloading.

LMG Devotion (LMG, Energy)

LMG devotion

Anyone who has used HAVOC before will probably hate the LMG devotion first. After all, if the Havoc has a lot of recoil, so does the Devotion! Not to mention its generally slow handling (from drawing, ramping up to reloading) can make it quite painful for beginners to use. And while the Devotion LMG has a high rate of fire, it can deplete scarce energy ammo reserves quite easily.

The point is, anyone dedicated to Devotion LMG will be handsomely rewarded. Even without a turbocharger, the Devotion has the fastest projectile speed in the game. And when ramped up, the Devotion also has the highest DPS! Players can likely take an enemy head-on and survive them with a full clip of devotion.

L-STAR EMG (LMG, energy)


Fans of Fall of the Titans would fondly remember the EMG L-STAR, and it comes back in Apex Legends as an energy ammunition LMG. Unfortunately, this classic weapon can be quite intimidating to use at first glance. After all, his muzzle flash and energy projectile can get quite distracting for players. Additionally, its low projectile speed can force players to actively engage enemies to rack up damage.

However, players who use the L-STAR EMG will quickly find that they are packing a smaller version of the Charge Rifle. Basically, the L-STAR immediately delivers high damage per shot. Additionally, players who use the L-STAR EMG in burst will never experience overheating – perhaps never having to stop firing. In addition, the distracting mouth flash for players is also distracting for targets!

Hemlok Burst AR (assault rifle, heavy)


Players would fondly remember the Hemlok Burst AR for its 3-shot burst mode, quite unusual for an in-game AR. Unfortunately, other automatic weapons can easily outperform the Hemlok in terms of damage. Its small base magazine size and awkward iron sights can make early game raids quite disadvantageous. Not to mention, burst fire mode can become unnecessarily irritating in chaotic firefights.

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The point is, players who can “enter the zone” with the Hemlok can turn it into a lethal weapon. Basically, the Hemlok’s burst mode easily outperforms other mid-range weapons. Additionally, its unique fire mode provides the second fastest rate of fire, making Hemlok a medium but faster sniper alternative in emergency situations.

RE-45 Auto (Gun, Light)

RE 45

Players who meet the RE-45 automatic might be surprised to realize that this is an automatic pistol. Unfortunately, what it boasts about in terms of rate of fire, it lacks in magazine capacity, damage per shot, and overall DPS. As such, the RE-45 can easily become a disposable tool once players find a better weapon in an emergency.

However, it is precisely the appearance of the RE-45 Auto in most areas of the game that makes it one of the most reliable weapons on the market. Along with its high rate of fire, it benefits from extremely predictable and controllable recoil. Plus, it has excellent hipfire performance and doesn’t suffer from a lot of ADS movement penalties. Players struggling to find their favorite weapon can rely on the RE-45 Auto for their early game forays.

P2020 (Gun, Light)


What better way to call an underrated weapon than everyone’s least favorite handgun, the P2020? This gun is so common that it’s even free in Arenas mode! It doesn’t help that its semi-automatic nature is associated with slow projectile speed. Not to mention that the P2020 needs a quick click to pop out a lot of bullets compared to other guns. Even Mozambique and Wingman pack more punch than the P2020.

Despite its limitations, the P2020 deserves credit in other departments. It has extremely low recoil and performs well in shooting from the hip – perfect for emergencies. Plus, its quick reloading and lack of penalty in ADS can make it a great handgun in an emergency.

Bocek Compound Bow (Sniper, Arrows)

Bocek compound bow

The Bocek compound bow comes with arrows, its unique ammo type (so far), and has perhaps some of the best accuracy in its class. Unfortunately, its slow draw speed, optical limitations, and general lack of versatility without its Hop-Ups can make the Bocek quite unwieldy for newcomers. Despite these setbacks, the Bocek Compound Bow can pose a deadly threat to those who know how to use it properly.

Basically, the Bocek benefits from extremely high precision. Additionally, its lack of magazine means there is no reloading, theoretically allowing players to get consistent damage. He can use two Hop-Ups to increase his fire capacity, with Shatter Caps spreading arrows like shotgun pellets and Deadeye’s Tempo to increase rate of fire. Finally, it’s one of the quietest guns on the market, making it perfect for long-range ambushes.

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