What is wrong with this Lopetegui Real Madrid?

Julen LopeteguiThe victory in the Champions League against Viktoria Pilsen has barely calmed the mood at Real Madrid . Despite the weakness of the rival, the whites achieved a tight triumph, and the image was very far from what the club wants. The Bernabéu whistled to the equipment in several occasions, also in the goodbye, and the sensation is that, now yes yes, for Lopetegui the party of the Camp Nou of Sunday (16.15 hours) is a end : or it wins – and it convinces – or it is on the street.

But the question is: what happens to this Real Madrid? Why is a team that looked so good at the start of the season reaping such bad results?

Without Cristiano, there is no goal

It is the most obvious. It has been a legendary scorer, a vintage player, and without him the team is struggling to transform the chances it generates. The Portuguese striker marked between 40 and 60 goals per season, a bestiality of number, and also discharged responsibility to his teammates, who delegated to him at the time of scoring.

The undisputed ‘9’ holder, Karim Benzema, is not a great scorer , and his numbers have also declined in recent years. Gareth Bale , the natural relay of Cristiano, has too many injuries that make him play less than the team needs and also undermine confidence. Asensio is too irregular, Isco is a generator and not a finisher and Mariano, the last-minute reinforcement, is currently not having any luck against the opposing goal.

In addition, the midfielders have very little goal. Neither Casemiro, nor Kroos, nor Modric are media players, and what with Cristiano was not a problem, because they generate a lot of football, now it is.

The team defends badly

And with the team, we are not talking only about the defenders, but about the whole. There is no well-organized pressure, the ball is almost never recovered and the teams reach the defenders with superiority on too many occasions.

The question here is whether it is a problem for the coach, who is not knowing how to organize the team, or the players, who are guilty of sloppiness in the less pleasant tasks.

Individual errors

If the bad defensive gear of the team is added the rude, sometimes rude, of the players, because the result is disastrous. Varane was a negative protagonist of the two Levante goals, and Sergio Ramos adds in attack but he gets too clueless behind. The backs are won back too easily, with special mention for Marcelo, and even Nacho, the confident player par excellence, has been seen to fail.

Tired of the World Cup

There are many players who are low in form. In two cases, Luka Modric and Raphael Varane , it seems clear that the cause is fatigue for the World Cup. Especially noteworthy is the case of the Croatian, chosen by UEFA and FIFA best player of last season and that at this start of the campaign is light years ahead of the player he was.

Others who were also in the World Cup as Marcelo, Kroos or Casemiro not going through their best, although in his case descasaron more and it is possible that his bad time is for other reasons (relax in the holidays, do not adapt to the Lopetegui system. ..).

Without confidence in the new ones

He surprised on Tuesday the substitution of Odriozola despite Carvajal was injured. It is only a sample of the little faith that Julen has to the new ones. Mariano barely counts despite Madrid’s problems with the goal and the promising Vinicius continues to accumulate minutes in Segunda B without counting for the first team. The only one who plays regularly is Thbaut Courtois .

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