Do you have a property that you are interested in renting for housing or commercial use but do not know how to ensure compliance in the payment of monthly income?

The irregularities in the financial history of the people, the economic uncertainty and the fact of not knowing the possible tenants, represent in many cases a risk for the landlords. Request a rental bond to guarantee the payment of the rent, provides the necessary legal and legal support to the owner of the property.

The rental bond is an instrument of guarantee whose objective is to cover the unpaid rents, in case the tenant fails to pay them, thus protecting the landlord’s interests.

The issuance of this type of deposit must be requested in the lease contract and the contribution is made based on the amount of annual rent.

What does the tenant need to process this type of deposit?

What does the tenant need to process this type of deposit?

It is necessary to present the documentation requested by the bondholders, as well as any of the following options:

Property well developed and free of encumbrance (it will be necessary to carry out an investigation of freedom of encumbrance, whose cost will depend on the location of the property).

Amount in guarantee equivalent to 3 months of rent (this figure will be returned at the end of the year).

To rent a property is not anything, because it implies leaving the heritage that we have built with so much effort in the hands of a stranger.

For this reason, regardless of whether the property is for residential or commercial use, guaranteeing the payment of the rent by means of a lease guarantee , which in turn is backed by a solid and serious bonding company, will provide the owners with the backing legal and legal necessary to lease your assets.

Are you the owner of a property you are looking to rent? Ask your tenant for the procedure of a rental bond and guarantee the fulfillment of the contract.