Try to conquer his appointment of ‘First Dates’ singing a song by Julio Iglesias, and give him pumpkins

“Julio Iglesias is my idol, I idolize him since he was little” . This is how Francisco presented himself on Wednesday in his visit to First Dates , which added: “The best song to fall in love with on a date can be Viva el amor , by Julio Iglesias,” commented the Seville-born Carlos Sobera . “I dedicate myself to music, I’m an orchestra singer,” he added. “It’s always nice to have a partner next to you and to tell you how well you’ve sung tonight or how badly you’ve done it, and my favorite songs are those that talk about love and lack of love,” he added.

For her part, Loli acknowledged that she had decided to participate in the Cuatro program because her children enrolled her . “They tell me that I enjoy life and for them I am here, because they have supported me, they want me to have a partner, but if I do not have the one I want, then we will continue …”, she commented.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, the malagueña wasted no time and complimented Sobera: “You are very handsome Carlos, I took him to my house,” laughed Loli. But seconds later, the Sevillian began to sing, listening to him … she put on the face of circumstances because she did not like how she did it: “When I heard him sing he wanted to die,” admitted Loli. When he arrived at the table, and in a rather small tone, he said to Sobera: “You already have what you brought me …”.

The dinner proceeded normally, although from the beginning it was clear that there was no feeling between the two , but after talking about the most recurrent topics such as: what do you do in your free time? Do you play sports? or how do you take care of yourself ?, Francisco asked Loli: “What do you tell me?”, and she answered “What do you want me to tell you?”, to which he said: “Well, tell me a joke”. he did not like the malagueña, who was surprised that “he has not asked me anything and everything we talked about was music, music, music … What I wanted was for Carlos or Matías to come and sit with me”, confessed Loli.

Seeing that the appointment was not going well, the presenter approached the table to Loli’s joy and seeing his complicity, Francisco told Sobera: “The one you liked has been you,” he commented with laughter. In the end, neither the songs of love of Julio Iglesias got that both made a second appointment, and each one went, where he came, composed and without a partner.

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