The meeting between Ryanair and cabin crew ends without agreement

The USO and SITCPLA unions said on Wednesday evening that the meeting with representatives of Ryanair concluded “again without agreement” and that the representatives of the airline have presented themselves to it without any concrete proposal.

The cabin crew unions say so in a press release, in which they denounce that “Ryanair has again despised its crew, putting limits and obstacles to negotiation, and pretending to veto the representatives that each of the unions we designate to attend the negotiations. “

Also, the statement recalls that Ryanair “does not advance in responding to claims of application of the local law to its workers in Spain, so that is increasingly closer to calling a strike at Christmas, ” argues Ernesto Iglesias, responsible of Aerial Sector USE Flight.


On the other hand, Antonio Escobar, responsible for External Relations of SITCPLA, states that “we do not understand the reasons why Ryanair does reach an agreement with the pilots, and not with the cabin crew. 2019 the pilots did have local contracts and the TCP did not? To what extent can this nonsense come? “.

USO and SITCPLA demand that the Ministry of Labor “no longer consent to the challenging attitude with which Ryanair comes to each mediation and that immediately imposes the application of Spanish labor legislation.” They add that “Minister Valerio must regain control and put an end to this serious and growing conflict. “

Finally, they report in their note that “The General Directorate of Labor Inspection and Social Security has informed us today of its intention to close the open inspection records soon and to transfer the result of the same, which responds to the complaints filed since 2017 by part of the unions.

Agreement with the pilots

The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla) announced on Wednesday morning that it has reached an agreement with the Irish airline Ryanair in relation to the application of Spanish labor legislation to the contracts of pilots who are based in Spain.

After this agreement, Sepla undertook to withdraw the lawsuit filed at the end of July before the National Court against the airline for keeping the group operating in Spain under Irish legislation.

The Sepla, unlike the Spanish unions of cabin crew (TCP), opted for the judicial route and not for calling strike to claim from the airline to apply the specific labor legislation of the territory in which it operates.

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