The Court declines to postpone entry into Rato prison, which will enter before Friday

The former president of Caja Madrid Rodrigo Rato must begin to comply with his sentence of four and a half years in prison for the case of black cards of the entity before Friday, after the National Court refused to suspend his entry.

According to legal sources, the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber has pronounced itself in the same sense as it did with seven other convicts, on the understanding that it is a measure that, in any case, should be decided by the Constitutional Court .

In this way, the magistrates are opposed to the former minister’s letter , which pointed to the “irreparable damage” that could result from his imprisonment in the face of the amparo appeal he will request, before the end of November.

In particular, his defense alleged the lack of flight risk and ruled out the possible lack of protection of the victims when they were supposed to be “non-existent” in this case “as evidenced by the procedural attitude” of Rato during the process and the reparation of the damage “carried out and guaranteed “to have returned the 99,000 euros that disbursed.

Yesterday, the room confirmed the punishment of former vice president of Caja Madrid, José Antonio Moral Santín, sentenced to four years in prison and must begin to comply with his punishment before October 29.

He also did it with the ex-advisors Jorge Gómez Moreno ( PSOE ), José María de la Riva (PSOE), Francisco Baquero ( CCOO ), Gonzalo Martín Pascual ( UGT ), Francisco José Pérez (PSOE) and Miguel Ángel Abejón (UGT) -that He entered prison yesterday, as did Rodolfo Benito (CCOO) -, with sentences of three years and two months, and two years and six months.

He also agreed to postpone for ten business days the admission of the ex-counselor representing the PSOE Antonio Romero, who weighs three years and two months in prison, for family reasons.

The magistrates continue studying if they grant the suspension of the entrance with respect to Rubén Cruz (two years and means of jail) by disease.

The other two convicts, the former Secretary of State for Finance Estanislao Rodríguez-Ponga (three years and two months in prison) and the former CCOO leader Antonio Rey de Viñas (two and a half years) meet their first week as interns in Madrid on Wednesday Scelo del Real and Navalcarnero jails , respectively.

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