The Calvary of Anna Paola: a breast operation to please a boy ended up compromising his health

Anna Paola Xodo ‘s diary is the story of a woman who out of love wanted to be even more beautiful if her boyfriend could be liked and her life became a calvary.

This young Italian is now 30 but her drama started when she was 22, working in the fashion world and still studying at the University. It was beautiful, but it did not seem enough: “I had the world in my hands but a love catapulted me into the abyss and I still have not been able to get out of that hole”, says the young woman on her Instagram .

I wanted to like a boy, to feel loved, and for this he decided to undergo a breast augmentation intervention . “She was so young, so naive, so beautiful and insecure, damn insecurities,” she says. From that operation of aesthetic surgery, from the strong desire to be more beautiful, began his ordeal. After the operation he began to feel his legs swollen and very hot. “Silicone prostheses intoxicated my body,” he argues.

“I was my own enemy”

“From 2011 to July 2018, I was admitted to the hospital more than 70 times in an emergency, a hell I do not want anyone, the doctors in Italy did not understand what I had because my exams were perfect, I was my own enemy, a factor common in women who have this ‘dark disease ‘, he explains.

Anna Paola tells what this “dark disease” consists of day after day on her Instagram profile. She defines it as the “disease of breast implants”, that is, a series of complications that can arise after the implantation of breast prostheses in a body.

The information that she provides about what happened is not very clear. They suggest that it could happen that the prosthesis provokes allergic reactions and, although they were removed, their body continued to suffer.

He was advised by Hugh Hefner’s wife

Finally, it was not until Anna Paola found herself on the Net with Crystal Harris Hefner, the wife of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner , that her life began to change. The artist shared with the young Italian woman that she had suffered the same problems and was advised by a doctor who could treat her in the United States .

In this way, Anna Paola flew to this country last June to remove the prosthetic capsules . “From there my rebirth began, they were poisoning me,” he told a photo in the hospital.

Their goal now is that, through their history, young women become aware of the need to “love oneself more, we are a perfect machine, we do not need to retouch, I have lived a terrible pain, but now I am stronger that never “, concludes in one of his last posts in this social network.

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