The avocado, the story of a fruit that (us) looks like a vegetable

AguacateWhite and bottled? Milk. Green on the inside and green on the outside? Vegetable … or not. There are things that seem what they are not. Or we simply endeavor to confuse us. It is the case of the avocado. Do you think of a vegetable, perhaps a vegetable? No, it is not.

A fruit is the fertilized ovary of a seed and that is the avocado . A fruit of the species Persea americana or Persea Gratissim obtained from a tree (the avocado) of the Lauraceae family . The best known avocado types are the Has, the bacon avocado, the strong, the zutano and the avocado Russell.

Okay, it does not have sugar. But where is it said that all fruits and fruits should be sweet? Nor does its composition help to make it clear to us that it is a fruit. It happens that its liquid content is much smaller than in most fruits and instead its oleaginous content and dietary fiber is higher than usual.

Another element that misleads is its fat content. It is true that the avocado has carbohydrates and many fatty acids , but it turns out that theirs are beneficial fats. That is, when someone tells you that the avocado is getting fat, it is not telling the truth.

The avocado is considered a superfood . The reasons: it has monounsaturated fatty acids, bioactive compounds (some antioxidants), potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, folic acid and fiber. It contains fiber and has a satiating effect, but it does not have slimming properties.

We found avocados from October to June .. and getting better. Their quality has improved a lot because they are now Spanish . It is not chauvinism, it is a matter of closeness. Now they arrive at the greengrocer before. They travel less kilometers because they come from the Axarquia of Malaga and the Costa Tropical of Granada.


The avocado was already known as an erotic stimulant in the courts of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas. The Aztecs called him ahuacatl , which means testicle. They ate them crushed, mixed with red onions. Now we eat them more as the Mexicans continue to do, in guacamole. Take note of the recipe really … and do not buy that porridge that you sell at the supermarket!

Why do the millennials like it so much?

The addiction of millennials to avocado is a reality and a study by Yale University explains it scientifically. It turns out that when you combine fat and carbohydrates, a meal becomes more satisfying than if it contains only one of the two. The brain values ​​both foods that contain fats and those that have carbohydrates, since we have become accustomed to thinking that these foods provide a lot of energy.

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