The assassin of Pioz, to a friend: “What a laugh, the children do not run when I’m going to kill them, they hold on to each other”

The Provincial Court of Guadalajara welcomes from this Wednesday the trial against Patrick Nogueira, the confessed murderer of his uncles and his cousins , some crimes committed in August 2016 in the Guadeloupean town of Pioz and for which the Prosecutor’s Office asks for permanent prison and revisable.

The trial began at 9:00 am, with the election and constitution of the jury’s court and then the sessions will begin with the statement of the accused at a public hearing .

In the account of the facts it is explained that the defendant went on August 17, 2016 to the Pioz house where the family lived “with the purpose of ending the life” of his uncles and cousins ​​of 1 and 3 years, with a large knife.

According to the prosecutor’s story, he boasted about his crimes in the messages sent to Marvin, a friend from Brazil, shortly after committing the murders, according to the initial account of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the start of the trial.

This is clear from the conclusions made by the chief prosecutor of Guadalajara, Rocío Rojo, who has addressed the popular jury to deny that Nogueira acted “by rapture” as claimed by the defense and remembering that he went to the home of Pioz equipped with weapons and garbage bags.

He has noticed the pictures sent by instant messaging: “What a laugh, the children do not run when I’m going to kill them, they grab each other when I’m going to kill them,” Nogueira said , according to Rojo.

The prosecutor, who has branded the events as ” terrifying “, has continued to shed the “conclusive” evidence that in her opinion has been analyzed throughout the entire investigation.

After remembering that Nogueira fled to Brazil every time the bodies were found one month after the murders, he has noticed that the confessed author fled to his country of origin, but decided to return so as not to face a judicial process in the country. Latin American.

“He remembers everything, but says he can not remember what killed them, he only begins to remember once they are dead,” he said, assuring that although the defense will argue ” partial amnesia ” about how the murders were carried out, they will present expert and psychological evidence that shows that it is a selective amnesia “because he is not interested” in telling it.

The story of the facts

Nogueira killed his aunt first surprisingly and subsequently the minors.

Then, with the intention of hiding the corpses, sectioned the body of his aunt and put it in plastic bags and also hid in plastic bags the bodies of the two children, which did not section.

Then he cleaned the blood and waited for his uncle, whom he attacked from behind when he arrived from work, sectioned the body and also stored it in plastic bags.

In addition, according to the account of the events, Nogueira, throughout the afternoon and night and after killing the four members of the family, he had conversations on WhatsApp with a friend who was in Brazil to whom he asked for advice, He told him what he was doing and sent him pictures of the bodies.

The bodies without life of the four members of the family were not discovered until a month later , in particular on September 17, 2016, when a maintenance employee alerted the security guards of the urbanization of the bad smell that came from the house .

Three days after the appearance of the corpses, Nogueira flew from Madrid to Rio de Janeiro with the intention of evading the action of justice, although on October 19 he was arrested after returning to Spain and has been in custody since then.

The defense asks for 25 years alleging mitigating and accusations, permanent prison revisable

The private accusations request for Nogueira four penalties of reviewable permanent prison , one for each death. The fiscal ministry, on the other hand, is unmarked and asks 20 years for each of the deaths of adults. In this direction, the accusation highlights the deterioration of relations between Patrick and his uncles, a fact that he considers key to demonstrating that the murderer made a conscious decision to end the lives of his victims.

In the same article, he mentions the psychiatric analyzes performed on Nogueira after his arrest, in which it was concluded that he has no pathology whatsoever and that his abilities are intact.

On the other hand, Nogueira’s defense qualifies the facts as two crimes of murder, with respect to the death of children, and two of homicide with the incomplete defense of transitory mental disorder, the attenuating of outburst or obstinacy, or alternatively of confession. Therefore, he asks for a sentence of 25 years: two of seven and a half years for the deaths of minors and two of five years for those of adults.

All the accusations take for granted that Nogueira dismembered the bodies of the adults, who put all the corpses in garbage bags, that he left the house the next day and that in the following days he got rid of the weapons.

The Prosecutor for its part has indicated that the forensic expert speaks of the defendant, who has recognized the facts in different statements in the proceedings, is a ” psychopath with all the characteristics of the same as they are self-centered, with no empathy and insensitive ” .

The owner of the house asks for compensation

Acting as third accusation, the owner of the house alleges that he stopped receiving four installments worth 650 euros each. In addition, he says he spent 374 euros on supplies, 1,320 in replacement of toilets, 927 euros in hardware, and 17,436 euros in debris removal. To rehabilitate the house, has requested a loan of 47,000 euros with 5,000 euros of interest.

Thus, this third private accusation adheres to requests for four punishable terms of remand in addition to adding compensation of 300,000 euros.

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