Special panties for menstruation: ecological and a long-term economic savings for women

Tampons, compresses, menstrual cups and also panties for the period that are very popular in Asian countries.

This type of protective panties arise with the intention of improving the lives of women during the period.

What exactly does it consist of? An ecological underwear since it is designed with three layers of a super absorbent fabric to be used without any other sanitary product.

Some brands include a small pocket in the front to place a heating pad that helps to alleviate pain in the ovaries.

As with tampons or pads, there are different degrees of absorption. Depending on which one you choose you can have your underwear on for up to 11 hours in a row and then the washing machine.

They are resistant to stains, odors and the woman who uses them has no sensation of humidity. Apparently, the flow passes through the absorbent material that retains the liquid and prevents a loss from occurring.

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