The meeting between Ryanair and cabin crew ends without agreement

The USO and SITCPLA unions said on Wednesday evening that the meeting with representatives of Ryanair concluded “again without agreement” and that the representatives of the airline have presented themselves to it without any concrete proposal.

The cabin crew unions say so in a press release, in which they denounce that “Ryanair has again despised its crew, putting limits and obstacles to negotiation, and pretending to veto the representatives that each of the unions we designate to attend the negotiations. “

Also, the statement recalls that Ryanair “does not advance in responding to claims of application of the local law to its workers in Spain, so that is increasingly closer to calling a strike at Christmas, ” argues Ernesto Iglesias, responsible of Aerial Sector USE Flight.


On the other hand, Antonio Escobar, responsible for External Relations of SITCPLA, states that “we do not understand the reasons why Ryanair does reach an agreement with the pilots, and not with the cabin crew. 2019 the pilots did have local contracts and the TCP did not? To what extent can this nonsense come? “.

USO and SITCPLA demand that the Ministry of Labor “no longer consent to the challenging attitude with which Ryanair comes to each mediation and that immediately imposes the application of Spanish labor legislation.” They add that “Minister Valerio must regain control and put an end to this serious and growing conflict. “

Finally, they report in their note that “The General Directorate of Labor Inspection and Social Security has informed us today of its intention to close the open inspection records soon and to transfer the result of the same, which responds to the complaints filed since 2017 by part of the unions.

Agreement with the pilots

The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla) announced on Wednesday morning that it has reached an agreement with the Irish airline Ryanair in relation to the application of Spanish labor legislation to the contracts of pilots who are based in Spain.

After this agreement, Sepla undertook to withdraw the lawsuit filed at the end of July before the National Court against the airline for keeping the group operating in Spain under Irish legislation.

The Sepla, unlike the Spanish unions of cabin crew (TCP), opted for the judicial route and not for calling strike to claim from the airline to apply the specific labor legislation of the territory in which it operates.

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What is wrong with this Lopetegui Real Madrid?

Julen LopeteguiThe victory in the Champions League against Viktoria Pilsen has barely calmed the mood at Real Madrid . Despite the weakness of the rival, the whites achieved a tight triumph, and the image was very far from what the club wants. The Bernabéu whistled to the equipment in several occasions, also in the goodbye, and the sensation is that, now yes yes, for Lopetegui the party of the Camp Nou of Sunday (16.15 hours) is a end : or it wins – and it convinces – or it is on the street.

But the question is: what happens to this Real Madrid? Why is a team that looked so good at the start of the season reaping such bad results?

Without Cristiano, there is no goal

It is the most obvious. It has been a legendary scorer, a vintage player, and without him the team is struggling to transform the chances it generates. The Portuguese striker marked between 40 and 60 goals per season, a bestiality of number, and also discharged responsibility to his teammates, who delegated to him at the time of scoring.

The undisputed ‘9’ holder, Karim Benzema, is not a great scorer , and his numbers have also declined in recent years. Gareth Bale , the natural relay of Cristiano, has too many injuries that make him play less than the team needs and also undermine confidence. Asensio is too irregular, Isco is a generator and not a finisher and Mariano, the last-minute reinforcement, is currently not having any luck against the opposing goal.

In addition, the midfielders have very little goal. Neither Casemiro, nor Kroos, nor Modric are media players, and what with Cristiano was not a problem, because they generate a lot of football, now it is.

The team defends badly

And with the team, we are not talking only about the defenders, but about the whole. There is no well-organized pressure, the ball is almost never recovered and the teams reach the defenders with superiority on too many occasions.

The question here is whether it is a problem for the coach, who is not knowing how to organize the team, or the players, who are guilty of sloppiness in the less pleasant tasks.

Individual errors

If the bad defensive gear of the team is added the rude, sometimes rude, of the players, because the result is disastrous. Varane was a negative protagonist of the two Levante goals, and Sergio Ramos adds in attack but he gets too clueless behind. The backs are won back too easily, with special mention for Marcelo, and even Nacho, the confident player par excellence, has been seen to fail.

Tired of the World Cup

There are many players who are low in form. In two cases, Luka Modric and Raphael Varane , it seems clear that the cause is fatigue for the World Cup. Especially noteworthy is the case of the Croatian, chosen by UEFA and FIFA best player of last season and that at this start of the campaign is light years ahead of the player he was.

Others who were also in the World Cup as Marcelo, Kroos or Casemiro not going through their best, although in his case descasaron more and it is possible that his bad time is for other reasons (relax in the holidays, do not adapt to the Lopetegui system. ..).

Without confidence in the new ones

He surprised on Tuesday the substitution of Odriozola despite Carvajal was injured. It is only a sample of the little faith that Julen has to the new ones. Mariano barely counts despite Madrid’s problems with the goal and the promising Vinicius continues to accumulate minutes in Segunda B without counting for the first team. The only one who plays regularly is Thbaut Courtois .

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Ábalos breaks into tears in Congress for the death of Carmen Alborch: “It leaves us an important person”

The Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos , has burst into tears on Wednesday in the plenary session of the Congress after the death of former socialist minister Carmen Alborch .

Ábalos, who was in the gallery to respond to an interpellation of Joan Baldoví of Copmpromís , has indicated that he leaves us “an important person” … he leaves us an important person, for the Valencians but also for the Spaniards. “” No I’ll be the one to make a semblance, “he said and, excited, has not been able to continue.

“I just knew that we lost Carmen Alborch. A great companion, a great minister, a great socialist and a great woman who knew how to value feminism from politics. We will miss you very much.”

– Jose Luis Ábalos (@abalosmeco)

Joan Baldoví has ​​also had a memory for Alborch when going out to the rostrum, and has stated that “it is a difficult day for the debate , I would have preferred to do it in another plenary” and he recalled a “very nice gesture” that he had with him when he was Mayor of Sueca. While Sergio Pascual has expressed his condolences to the socialist family on behalf of Unidos Podemos. The plenary session of the Congress has applauded the memory of the former Minister of Socialist Culture. ,

Other ministers of the Government, such as Energy Transition, Teresa Ribera, and Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo , have also addressed words of remembrance to the former Minister of Culture of the Government of Felipe González.

The parliamentary spokesperson of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, has honored the former minister on her Twitter account: “A great woman has left us, a committed feminist a race socialist, until always Camen Alborch, thanks for paving the way “, has written Lastra .

It has left us a GENIUS woman, a committed feminist, a race socialist. Until always, Carmen Alborch. Thanks for opening the way.

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The Court declines to postpone entry into Rato prison, which will enter before Friday

The former president of Caja Madrid Rodrigo Rato must begin to comply with his sentence of four and a half years in prison for the case of black cards of the entity before Friday, after the National Court refused to suspend his entry.

According to legal sources, the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber has pronounced itself in the same sense as it did with seven other convicts, on the understanding that it is a measure that, in any case, should be decided by the Constitutional Court .

In this way, the magistrates are opposed to the former minister’s letter , which pointed to the “irreparable damage” that could result from his imprisonment in the face of the amparo appeal he will request, before the end of November.

In particular, his defense alleged the lack of flight risk and ruled out the possible lack of protection of the victims when they were supposed to be “non-existent” in this case “as evidenced by the procedural attitude” of Rato during the process and the reparation of the damage “carried out and guaranteed “to have returned the 99,000 euros that disbursed.

Yesterday, the room confirmed the punishment of former vice president of Caja Madrid, José Antonio Moral Santín, sentenced to four years in prison and must begin to comply with his punishment before October 29.

He also did it with the ex-advisors Jorge Gómez Moreno ( PSOE ), José María de la Riva (PSOE), Francisco Baquero ( CCOO ), Gonzalo Martín Pascual ( UGT ), Francisco José Pérez (PSOE) and Miguel Ángel Abejón (UGT) -that He entered prison yesterday, as did Rodolfo Benito (CCOO) -, with sentences of three years and two months, and two years and six months.

He also agreed to postpone for ten business days the admission of the ex-counselor representing the PSOE Antonio Romero, who weighs three years and two months in prison, for family reasons.

The magistrates continue studying if they grant the suspension of the entrance with respect to Rubén Cruz (two years and means of jail) by disease.

The other two convicts, the former Secretary of State for Finance Estanislao Rodríguez-Ponga (three years and two months in prison) and the former CCOO leader Antonio Rey de Viñas (two and a half years) meet their first week as interns in Madrid on Wednesday Scelo del Real and Navalcarnero jails , respectively.

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Try to conquer his appointment of ‘First Dates’ singing a song by Julio Iglesias, and give him pumpkins

“Julio Iglesias is my idol, I idolize him since he was little” . This is how Francisco presented himself on Wednesday in his visit to First Dates , which added: “The best song to fall in love with on a date can be Viva el amor , by Julio Iglesias,” commented the Seville-born Carlos Sobera . “I dedicate myself to music, I’m an orchestra singer,” he added. “It’s always nice to have a partner next to you and to tell you how well you’ve sung tonight or how badly you’ve done it, and my favorite songs are those that talk about love and lack of love,” he added.

For her part, Loli acknowledged that she had decided to participate in the Cuatro program because her children enrolled her . “They tell me that I enjoy life and for them I am here, because they have supported me, they want me to have a partner, but if I do not have the one I want, then we will continue …”, she commented.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, the malagueña wasted no time and complimented Sobera: “You are very handsome Carlos, I took him to my house,” laughed Loli. But seconds later, the Sevillian began to sing, listening to him … she put on the face of circumstances because she did not like how she did it: “When I heard him sing he wanted to die,” admitted Loli. When he arrived at the table, and in a rather small tone, he said to Sobera: “You already have what you brought me …”.

The dinner proceeded normally, although from the beginning it was clear that there was no feeling between the two , but after talking about the most recurrent topics such as: what do you do in your free time? Do you play sports? or how do you take care of yourself ?, Francisco asked Loli: “What do you tell me?”, and she answered “What do you want me to tell you?”, to which he said: “Well, tell me a joke”. he did not like the malagueña, who was surprised that “he has not asked me anything and everything we talked about was music, music, music … What I wanted was for Carlos or Matías to come and sit with me”, confessed Loli.

Seeing that the appointment was not going well, the presenter approached the table to Loli’s joy and seeing his complicity, Francisco told Sobera: “The one you liked has been you,” he commented with laughter. In the end, neither the songs of love of Julio Iglesias got that both made a second appointment, and each one went, where he came, composed and without a partner.

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The assassin of Pioz, to a friend: “What a laugh, the children do not run when I’m going to kill them, they hold on to each other”

The Provincial Court of Guadalajara welcomes from this Wednesday the trial against Patrick Nogueira, the confessed murderer of his uncles and his cousins , some crimes committed in August 2016 in the Guadeloupean town of Pioz and for which the Prosecutor’s Office asks for permanent prison and revisable.

The trial began at 9:00 am, with the election and constitution of the jury’s court and then the sessions will begin with the statement of the accused at a public hearing .

In the account of the facts it is explained that the defendant went on August 17, 2016 to the Pioz house where the family lived “with the purpose of ending the life” of his uncles and cousins ​​of 1 and 3 years, with a large knife.

According to the prosecutor’s story, he boasted about his crimes in the messages sent to Marvin, a friend from Brazil, shortly after committing the murders, according to the initial account of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the start of the trial.

This is clear from the conclusions made by the chief prosecutor of Guadalajara, Rocío Rojo, who has addressed the popular jury to deny that Nogueira acted “by rapture” as claimed by the defense and remembering that he went to the home of Pioz equipped with weapons and garbage bags.

He has noticed the pictures sent by instant messaging: “What a laugh, the children do not run when I’m going to kill them, they grab each other when I’m going to kill them,” Nogueira said , according to Rojo.

The prosecutor, who has branded the events as ” terrifying “, has continued to shed the “conclusive” evidence that in her opinion has been analyzed throughout the entire investigation.

After remembering that Nogueira fled to Brazil every time the bodies were found one month after the murders, he has noticed that the confessed author fled to his country of origin, but decided to return so as not to face a judicial process in the country. Latin American.

“He remembers everything, but says he can not remember what killed them, he only begins to remember once they are dead,” he said, assuring that although the defense will argue ” partial amnesia ” about how the murders were carried out, they will present expert and psychological evidence that shows that it is a selective amnesia “because he is not interested” in telling it.

The story of the facts

Nogueira killed his aunt first surprisingly and subsequently the minors.

Then, with the intention of hiding the corpses, sectioned the body of his aunt and put it in plastic bags and also hid in plastic bags the bodies of the two children, which did not section.

Then he cleaned the blood and waited for his uncle, whom he attacked from behind when he arrived from work, sectioned the body and also stored it in plastic bags.

In addition, according to the account of the events, Nogueira, throughout the afternoon and night and after killing the four members of the family, he had conversations on WhatsApp with a friend who was in Brazil to whom he asked for advice, He told him what he was doing and sent him pictures of the bodies.

The bodies without life of the four members of the family were not discovered until a month later , in particular on September 17, 2016, when a maintenance employee alerted the security guards of the urbanization of the bad smell that came from the house .

Three days after the appearance of the corpses, Nogueira flew from Madrid to Rio de Janeiro with the intention of evading the action of justice, although on October 19 he was arrested after returning to Spain and has been in custody since then.

The defense asks for 25 years alleging mitigating and accusations, permanent prison revisable

The private accusations request for Nogueira four penalties of reviewable permanent prison , one for each death. The fiscal ministry, on the other hand, is unmarked and asks 20 years for each of the deaths of adults. In this direction, the accusation highlights the deterioration of relations between Patrick and his uncles, a fact that he considers key to demonstrating that the murderer made a conscious decision to end the lives of his victims.

In the same article, he mentions the psychiatric analyzes performed on Nogueira after his arrest, in which it was concluded that he has no pathology whatsoever and that his abilities are intact.

On the other hand, Nogueira’s defense qualifies the facts as two crimes of murder, with respect to the death of children, and two of homicide with the incomplete defense of transitory mental disorder, the attenuating of outburst or obstinacy, or alternatively of confession. Therefore, he asks for a sentence of 25 years: two of seven and a half years for the deaths of minors and two of five years for those of adults.

All the accusations take for granted that Nogueira dismembered the bodies of the adults, who put all the corpses in garbage bags, that he left the house the next day and that in the following days he got rid of the weapons.

The Prosecutor for its part has indicated that the forensic expert speaks of the defendant, who has recognized the facts in different statements in the proceedings, is a ” psychopath with all the characteristics of the same as they are self-centered, with no empathy and insensitive ” .

The owner of the house asks for compensation

Acting as third accusation, the owner of the house alleges that he stopped receiving four installments worth 650 euros each. In addition, he says he spent 374 euros on supplies, 1,320 in replacement of toilets, 927 euros in hardware, and 17,436 euros in debris removal. To rehabilitate the house, has requested a loan of 47,000 euros with 5,000 euros of interest.

Thus, this third private accusation adheres to requests for four punishable terms of remand in addition to adding compensation of 300,000 euros.

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The ‘viagra of the Himalayas’ a fungus more expensive than gold, endangered by climate change

'Viagra del Himalaya'A parasitic caterpillar fungus known as ‘Himalayan viagra’, which grows wild in the highest mountain range in the world and is more valuable than gold when considered as a medicine, could disappear if current climatic and crop trends continue for its commercial increase.

This is confirmed by three researchers from the Stanford and Colorado State University (United States) in a study published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’.

This fungus (‘Ophiocordyceps sinensis’) survives by lodging in caterpillars of phantom moths (‘Hepialus humuli’) until they are killed little by little in some of the highest reaches of the Himalayas and can be found in a bowl of allegedly healing aphrodisiac soup made in Las Vegas with a few grams and at a price close to 600 euros.

The demand for this fungus as an aphrodisiac, cure for impotence and remedy for the deadly virus of severe acute respiratory syndrome or cancer helped boost its global trade from the 1990s. Although it grows from scientifically proven benefits, people They boil that fungus in water to make tea or add it to soups and stews. They think it cures everything.

Since then, that belief in a wide range of healthy effects of the fungus has driven a market valued at some 9,600 million euros while crops have become unsustainable due to climate change. Not in vain, has sold for 120,000 euros per kilo in Beijing (China) in 2017, which tripled the price of gold.

The official records of the ‘Himalaya viagra’ harvest are unreliable because much of their trade goes through illegal channels. The new study presents the most complete data to date on whether its production could be declining and the possible consequences of a possible fall in the communities that depend on the fungus for their subsistence.

Source of income

Eric Lambin, professor of Earth Sciences at Stanford University, became interested in the fungus to understand what happens when a specialized biological product gives rich consumers a great influence on rural livelihoods, the options of using the land and the ecosystems of the producing regions.

Research on the degradation of ecosystems tends to focus on the expansion of agricultural products that are traded internationally, such as oil palm, soybeans, cattle and timber, which are the main drivers of deforestation. The dominant effects of products traded on a smaller scale are less known, but they can be potentially profound.

Lambin cites the rhinoceros horns as an example: “A species of emblematic mammal is becoming extinct due to the demand for a product that, in some traditional cultures, is considered to have virtues.”

The ‘viagra of the Himalayas’ may lack the charisma of a rhinoceros, but, as one of the most expensive biological products in the world, it has become a major source of income for hundreds of thousands of collectors .

According to Lambin, there is no doubt that intensive collection affects both people and the environment in an increasingly vulnerable landscape. While many local harvesters try to minimize impacts, large influxes of people attracted to the Himalayan grasslands during the harvest season may end up degrading ecosystems by disturbing fragile soils, cutting strips of shrubs and trees to obtain fuel, and leaving trash around of the crops.

‘Gold of the Himalayas’

Widely known in Tibet as ‘yartsa gunbu’ or ‘summer grass, winter worm’, the fungus has been used in traditional medicine throughout the Himalayan region and in China for centuries to treat diseases ranging from cancer and kidney disease until inflammation and aging. Recently it has earned the nicknames of ‘viagra of the Himalayas’ or ‘gold of the Himalayas’.

To overcome the problem of the scattered commercial data of this valuable mushroom, the researchers turned to the knowledge of the collectors about the production trends in China, Bhutan, Nepal and India. Then they interviewed 49 collectors on the Tibetan plateau.

With these data and 400 records of where the fungus has been found in these four countries since the 1970s, the group constructed models that predict how much fungi would grow in a given area based on factors such as climate and height. The results show that the fungus tends to be more prolific in higher and colder areas around the margins of the underlying areas by permafrost .

Currently, the fungus is abundant enough in prime production areas in the spring that many people can gather enough in a month or two to maintain it for the rest of the year. However, production is already declining due to intensive harvesting and warmer winters may be exacerbating that trend.

In a region where winter temperatures in some places have already risen to 4ºC since 1979 (“a huge amount of warming,” emphasizes Lambin) the researchers indicate that each degree of winter warming makes it harder for the fungus to thrive.

As the permafrost disappears from the lower elevations, the fungus can adapt by changing to the colder habitats of the heights only if its caterpillars, and the vegetation and seasonal patterns on which they depend, also change.

However, if demand continues to grow as harvests decline, tensions could worsen over who has access to harvest areas , says Kelly Hopping, a researcher at Stanford University’s School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences. .

“According to the collectors in four countries, the production of fungi in caterpillars has decreased due to habitat degradation, climate change and, especially, over exploitation. Our statistical models corroborate that climate change is contributing to this decline. They indicate that the fungus of the caterpillar is more productive in cold conditions and grows near the areas that probably have permafrost. With a significant warming already underway for much of its range, we conclude that caterpillar fungus populations have been adversely affected by a combination of overexploitation and climate change, “the researchers conclude.

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