Gabriel, after the instruction that facilitates the change of name to the trans minors: “It’s a good step but not the end”

Image result for lgbt“I’m happy, it’s a good step to achieve the equality we’re fighting for, but it’s just a step, now we have to start walking, it’s not the end.” This is how Gabriel Delgado Suarez reacted to the publication on Wednesday in the BOE of the instructions to facilitate that transgender people can change their names before the civil registries. This 15-year-old teenager was denied that possibility in September .

The young valued as ” very motivating ” that the Government has shown its commitment to fight for this cause, but stresses that the real victory is a legislative change: “It is positive but these are only recommendations.” What we need is a law that defend “.Adolescentes trans

The Official State Bulletin states that both adults and minors who are emancipated or who go with their guardians can modify their registration name by means of a declaration or through a public document. The statement has been issued by the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries, under the Ministry of Justice, after the meeting that their leader and the minister, Dolores Delgado , held last week with the Family Association of Chrysallis Transsexual Children.

“I really appreciate the speed that has been given, it surprised me because we thought it would be before Christmas but not so soon,” adds Pilar Suárez, Gabriel’s mother, and says that Delgado herself attended the congress last weekend. Chrysallis celebrated in Madrid: “The families that came for the first time we introduced ourselves and told our story.” When we finished, the president told us that the minister had been listening to us, thanked us for opening the doors to a new reality and told us that politics had to be to make people happier. “

Gabriel, to whom the civil registry of the Zaragoza town of Calatayud prevents him from changing his DNI, has appealed that decision. Neither he nor his mother know what effect the instructions of Justice will have on the new resolution they receive, but they are optimistic and hope that it will arrive soon. On Friday, they delivered more than 129,000 signatures collected through to the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries, overwhelmed as well as excited by the impact of their case and the support received.

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