Compensation by instant loan: Finally sleep again

Financial worries are often a reason for sleepless nights. If the account is down, but the bills are still piling up in a high pile, it is unthinkable to have a peaceful and restful sleep. With the credit line from your house bank, you can stuff the biggest holes in the short term. However, the often extremely high interest rates for overdraft loans prevent you from getting back into the black quickly. And once the account has been permanently overdone for a few months, it will be very difficult to get out of the downward spiral.

Dispo compensation: rather today than tomorrow

Experts advise that the credit line can only be used as an instrument to bridge very short-term bottlenecks. If it is foreseeable that you have to borrow the money for many weeks or months, then a regular installment loan is almost always the better solution. With such a loan, you benefit from significantly lower interest rates. Positive side effect: You can balance your account immediately and sleep right now. The MRP balance is almost always the better way.

If you’ve been down for a while with your account, and you may also have one or the other negative entry to the credit score, you probably will not get a regular loan from your bank to clear the account. On the contrary, if your credit score has recently deteriorated sharply, there is a risk that the bank will cancel your out-of-pocket credit and ask you to settle the account in the short term. By then it will be really tight. Better, you do not even let it get that far and take care of alternatives early on – and they certainly exist. Gandalf can help you find them.

Balance payment with a installment loan

The easiest and fastest way to replace your credit line with a cheap instant loan . You simply choose a loan amount equal to the negative amount on your account. You may also provide for a small reserve and borrow instead of 2,000 euros equal to 3,000 euros or instead of 5,000 euros rather equal to 6,000 euros. In the online form for your free loan request at Gandalf you can specify the desired loan amount exactly. Right after the receipt of your request , Gandalf begins with finding the best loan for you. Gandalf often find what you are looking for if you have a bad credit score and are considered a “difficult case” by other banks.