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Best Coding Language for Jobs in 2017

Best Coding Language for Jobs in 2017

So you just graduated with your degree in computer science. Now you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to post-grad education. Should you go to grad school? Maybe focus on coding certs?

Let’s say you go with focus on coding certs. Which one do you even go with? At this point there is a long list of them that would be a smart career move. We are going to give you our top 3 best coding languages for jobs in 2017.

#1 – SQL

SQL jobs are blowing up in a big way. SQL stands for structured query language. On the number of SQL jobs increased by 50,000 in 2016. This gives SQL a substantial lead over the other languages. Did this change happen because of an adjustment by Indeed or SQL jobs increased? Not sure, but either way, SQL is #1 at this point. A skilled SQL programmer can communicate and manipulate databases and that is in very high demand.

#2 – Python

Python has soared up the rankings in recent year. It has been the “it” coding language for quite a while now. It’s a general programming language. What does that mean? It emphasizes code readability and increasing designer productivity. Python is used for web and desktop apps as well as data mining. The 2.0 version of Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit includes support for Python, which is a big deal.

#3 – Java

Some may be confused as to why java is not higher. Java positions skyrocketed by 30,000 in the last year. What is pushing this increase? Android users are. The community of Android developers continue to grow, making Java an even more viable programming language. All of Android’s native apps are built with Java. Additional to that, Java is used as a server-side language for back-end development for 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

No matter which language you go with, there are many great options. This is a field that is in high demand right now. If you are certified in a viable coding language, you should have no issue landing a job.

Learn Java programming / Programming for designers

Java is a multiplatform language. Its motto is”write once, run everywhere” This is because it can run in many platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Macintosh, etc in a nutshell, on every platform where a JVM Java virtual Machine can be installed.

The first step is to download the JDK here (select JDK Java development Kit)

Java is an object oriented language wich is based on classes and methods. Let see before wqe start some of the object oriented programming concepts

What is a class?
A clase is a blueprint about how an object should be constructed

public class MyClass{}

What is an object?
An object is a software bundle that contains a state (variables) and a behaviour (methods or functions) An object of a given class must be instanciated before used the following way:

MyClass anObject = new MyClass();

What is inheritance?

Inheritance is a natural and powerful mechanism for organizing and structuring the software. Classes can inherit behaviour from its parent class.

What is an interface?

An interface is a contract within the class and the outside world. It tells what the class is supposed to do

Whay is a package?

A package is a namespace for organizing classes and interfaces in a logical way

to be continued

Frequently, web site designers need interactive artifacts for their sites like contact forms, to reach a database, etc. The way of handling it is throw a scripting server language like ASP, JSP or PHP. ASP is the Microsoft language (platform .NET). JSP belongs to java worls and PHP is a good free alternative of what is called LAMP applications: Linux – Apache – MySql and PHP

PHP Fundamentals

A PHP scripting block always starts with <?php and ends with ?>. A PHP scripting block can be placed anywhere in the document.

Below, we have an example of a simple PHP script which sends the text “Hello World” to the browser:
echo “Hello World”;




to be continue…

How to program / Learn programming

The computer is made up of hardware like CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc and software: the programs that run and execute useful tasks like word processors, games, databases, etc
When we talk about programming we are talking about making software (computer programs). Why is it necessary to program? You think of a computer as an automat, a robot who can do nothing unless we teach it to do so. For example, lets suppose we have a robot machine and we need to learn him to go out of a labyrinth.
The 5 instructions (software code) for this robot to go out would be the following:

Go right 2 – Go up 2 – Go right 1 – Go down 3 – Go right 3

This instructions are like when we command “print this file”, “write a text”, “make a listing”, “order alphabetically”

In the next segment we will see how complicated or easy it is to learn programming

Learning programming is easy. In this pages we will teach you the basic fundamentals step by step to reach the goal. We have a free tutor service you can use to ask questions. The prerequisite is to think in a logical way. This logical thinking has to do with decisions that we take based on conditions. In the following image we can see a bifurcation. Based on a condition it executes A or B.
Everyday in our life we are taking logical decisions. For example, we get into a room and ask ourselves: Is it dark? If the response is “Yes” we turn the light on, else we do nothing. Our brain is a fantastic machine -far, far better than a computer- so this decision happens unconsciously extremely fast.

We have said that for the computer to do something useful we have to program it. For this task there exist programming languages. Examples of these languages are java, basic, cobol, delphi, pascal and many others. You may have heard about some of them. You can choose whatever language you want. I recommend one of the most popular languages today and widely used by professionals all over the world: java. Let´s see now the basics of programming.

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