The computer is made up of hardware like CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc and software: the programs that run and execute useful tasks like word processors, games, databases, etc
When we talk about programming we are talking about making software (computer programs). Why is it necessary to program? You think of a computer as an automat, a robot who can do nothing unless we teach it to do so. For example, lets suppose we have a robot machine and we need to learn him to go out of a labyrinth.
The 5 instructions (software code) for this robot to go out would be the following:

Go right 2 – Go up 2 – Go right 1 – Go down 3 – Go right 3

This instructions are like when we command “print this file”, “write a text”, “make a listing”, “order alphabetically”

In the next segment we will see how complicated or easy it is to learn programming

Learning programming is easy. In this pages we will teach you the basic fundamentals step by step to reach the goal. We have a free tutor service you can use to ask questions. The prerequisite is to think in a logical way. This logical thinking has to do with decisions that we take based on conditions. In the following image we can see a bifurcation. Based on a condition it executes A or B.
Everyday in our life we are taking logical decisions. For example, we get into a room and ask ourselves: Is it dark? If the response is “Yes” we turn the light on, else we do nothing. Our brain is a fantastic machine -far, far better than a computer- so this decision happens unconsciously extremely fast.

We have said that for the computer to do something useful we have to program it. For this task there exist programming languages. Examples of these languages are java, basic, cobol, delphi, pascal and many others. You may have heard about some of them. You can choose whatever language you want. I recommend one of the most popular languages today and widely used by professionals all over the world: java. Let´s see now the basics of programming.