Carmena delays one week the start-up of Madrid Central so that it does not coincide with Black Friday

The start-up of Central Madrid is delayed to November 30 , reported on Thursday the government spokesman, Rita Maestre, at a press conference.
The forecast was to start on the 23rd but the claims raised by CEIM have been taken into account. On November 23 the inauguration of the new Gran Vía continues and coincides with the Black Friday .

The president of CEIM, Juan Pablo Lázaro, has insisted in any case that the start-up of Madrid Central has to be delayed until February because an “experiment” can not be done in an era with so much “impact” for the business fabric as it is Christmas.

He has done so in statements to the media after attending the presentation of the program ‘Promoting Talent’, where he admitted that the business world of Madrid is “very concerned” with Central Madrid , not only by the measure itself “but by the dates on which it starts “. Lazaro explained that “a large part” of the small and medium-sized companies in the downtown area make a “very important part” of their income account in December, coinciding with Black Friday, the Constitution and Christmas bridge.

He has also insisted that they do not question the need to change the city model “in the medium term” but the time when it is wanted to be done. “Nobody tests an experiment in maximum activity, the risk is tremendous, it can be postponed until February,” he reiterated.

Pedro Rollán: “It was predictable”

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Pedro Rollán, has called “reasonable” that the City of Madrid has delayed the entry into force of Central Madrid and hopes that now open a participatory process of dialogue. Rollán, who recently assured 20 minutes that “Carmena has turned Madrid into an infinite traffic jam” , points out that the decision was “predictable” because there was “an absolute climate of uncertainty and concern” in all sectors.

Rollán hopes that, from now on, the Consistory will “not be in a hurry” and that a road map “coordinated” with the actors will be carried out, “that does not turn its back on the general interest and that does not provoke chaos ” And, for Rollan, the project was born “with its back to public opinion and citizenship .

Authorizations to parents of students

On the other hand, the parents of students whose schools are affected by Central Madrid and the area of ​​Environment and Mobility have reached this Wednesday an agreement through which schools can give the authorizations that parents need . This has been confirmed since the AMPA of Santa Isabel-La Asunción school, one of the most “fought” to get these authorizations.

“We have recognized the possibility of recognizing ourselves as a collective, as residents, and we will have to provide access plates from Monday to Friday, as well as on Saturdays until 3 pm and when there is an unforeseen event”, the member of the AMPA Santa Isabel has moved , José Luis Castellano.

Castellano has emphasized that the participation of the area delegate, Inés Sabanés, in the meetings, has been “key” to “unblock” the situation. “It is to her that we must attribute the merit”, she has riveted. For the next year the City Council is already studying solutions so that people different from the usual ones also have guaranteed access, “always in the most sustainable way possible”.

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