Car loan calculates: What will your car loan cost you in monthly terms?

If you need to take a car loan, it’s a good idea to calculate more loans. This allows you to check where you get the cheapest loan.

Calculate your car loan here. Calculate both car loans, bank loans and consumer loans and compare these to find the cheapest solution.Calculate both car loans, bank loans and consumer loans and compare these to find the cheapest solution.

In most cases, a car loan is financed through one of the following 3 loan options:

  • A car loan is offered by your car dealer
  • A loan in your private bank
  • A consumer loan

We will review these options in the sections below.

If you want to quickly calculate your car loan, you can do it here .

A car loan is offered by your car dealer

Most car dealers offer a kind of financing for your car. Often, the dealer does not have anything to do with the financing, but is merely a reseller. This gives the car dealer a commission from the loan provider. However, this does not necessarily make the loan expensive. But do not think that the car dealer’s loan is always the cheapest. In some cases, the loan through the car dealer will be the cheapest, but in other cases there will be several other loans that are cheaper. It may therefore be worth looking into.

If you have been offered a car loan by your car dealer, you will probably be able to see your monthly benefit in this offer. If the loan has the same duration as the loans you otherwise check, then you can just compare the monthly benefit on the different loans, thus finding the cheapest loan. If the loans have different maturities then you should instead look at OPOP .

If you have received offers on car loans, where you can see interest and fees, etc., but can not find the monthly payment, you can calculate this with our calculator here .

In addition to the offer from your car dealer, you should also check the car loans you can get online:

  • Check out Santander Billån
  • Check out here LendMe Car Loans
  • Check here Letfinans Billån
  • Check out here Diba Billån

A car loan in your private bank

When you are already investigating where you get the cheapest car loan, it will be obvious to ask in the bank where you are already a customer. If you are a customer in several banks, then it would be good to ask all the banks as they do not necessarily offer the same interest rates and terms, etc.

Compare the offer from your bank with the other offers we depict here in the article and find the cheapest deal. Do you know the terms of the loan, but not the monthly payment, so use our bank loan calculate and calculate the benefit.

A consumer loan for financing a car

If you have already obtained offers on car loans and bank loans, it is superficial to investigate if it can be made cheaper with a consumer loan.

  • Use our loan calculator for consumer loans and calculate your monthly earnings

With the help of the above calculator, you must specify the loan amount and maturity. Then all Danish consumer loans will be ranked after monthly payment. You will find the cheapest loan at the top. This is the loan with the lowest monthly benefit. This benefit will allow you to withstand the monthly payment on the bank loan and car loan from the car dealer. This allows you to quickly see black on white which loan is the cheapest for you.

Whether it is the consumer loan, bank loan or car loan from the car dealer that wins will be very individual. This depends on your customer relationship in your bank, and which car dealer you are talking about. Therefore, it is always a good idea to do this survey to obtain the cheapest possible loan.