Autumn loans: New chance for fresh money

When the leaves slowly fall from the trees, the banks traditionally start the final year-end spurt. This means new opportunities for all credit interested parties.

In December, the institutes take stock, and not infrequently shows: The actual sales have fallen short of the original expectations. In the few remaining weeks until New Year’s Eve, the banks are therefore trying to boost their business again properly. The number one growth driver is the credit market for the financial institutions. For all consumers who need a loan in autumn and winter, the best chance of a quick commitment on attractive terms .

Now use the competition of the banks

In particular, employees with an indefinite income starting at about 1,300 euros net are a lucrative clientele for the banks. If you belong to this target group, you can now take advantage of the intense competition among banks. You benefit directly from favorable interest rates and fast processing with maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility of free special repayments.

Especially now in the autumn, the credit departments of the banks are also more willing to look over the one or the other negative feature in the credit score away. This means that even if your requests have been rejected so far, you now have a real chance of a quick commitment. Gandalf-Kredit keeps in touch with the best banks for private borrowers – and that’s why our experts always know where the chances of a loan are best for you.