The Senate approves the new Canary Islands Statute: without gauges and with a new electoral system

Meritxell Batet y Fernando Clavijo en el SenadoThe plenary session of the Senate has approved on Wednesday the reform of the Statute of Autonomy for the Canary Islands that dissociates the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) of the autonomic financing , modifies the electoral system and turns it into the first Community that suppresses the appraisals for the deputies. This will take effect in the coming days, once it is published in the Official State Gazette .

At the end of the debate, the Minister of Territorial Policy, Meritxell Batet, intervened to point out that the new Statute, which has counted on the votes in favor of PSOE, PP, Canarian nationalists, PNV, PDeCAT, the abstention of Citizens and the vote against Podemos , shows “the capacity of the democratic system of evolution and reform” because “to modify” a Statute of Autonomy is “to modify our territorial system”.

On behalf of the Government, Batet has expressed the “commitment” of the Executive in the “effective application” of the Statute and has asked the forces that have not been integrated into the consensus that it is possible to “recover the agreement” in the future development of the rule.

Qualified as a “historical day”

From the rostrum of the Senate, the president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, has followed this last debate, in which the senators involved in PSOE, PP, Canarian nationalists and PNV have agreed to describe the day as “historic” to endow the archipelago with instruments to face future challenges.

However, the new Statute maintains a question about the reform of the electoral system as it now depends on the Canarian Parliament articulating, in the coming months, an instrument for its application in the regional elections of 2019.

For his part, Citizen Senator Luis Crisol has justified the abstention of his party in which none of the amendments have been accepted, and has referred in particular to those who advocate the independence of judges and public television. However, he admitted that it is a “historic day” for the Canary Islands for the suppression of the appraisals , an initiative that, he said, is due to his group.

For its part, Podemos has withdrawn its amendments “not to be an impediment and an obstacle” but they have demanded more citizen participation and have regretted that they have not bet more on issues such as unemployment, poverty or corruption and a change in the productive model or fight against climate change .

A “holder of the Presidency of the Canary Islands”

Fernando Clavijo will be the last president of the Government of the Canary Islands: the autonomous Parliament will not have the opportunity to elect any more because the reform establishes that from now on the legislative Chamber will invest “the person holding the Presidency of the Canary Islands” . The institution of the Presidency of the Canary Islands, replacing the traditional Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands, is one of the novelties of this Statute of Autonomy, which succeeds that approved in 1982 and reformed in 1996.

So far the Statute established that “the powers of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands are exercised through Parliament, the Government and its president”, but from this reform will be different: “They are exercised through Parliament, the Presidency and the Government . “

The institution of the Presidency of the Canary Islands has its own chapter in the new Statute, the third chapter, which regulates the election of its owner and the power it has to appoint the rest of the members of the Government, including “the titular person of the Vice Presidency. “

A new Economic and Fiscal Regime

The reform also modifies the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) which, from now on, is anchored in the Statute of Autonomy and is totally disconnected from the ordinary regional financing system .

All the political groups, except Podemos, have voted in favor of the “shielding” of the REF, which will come into force on the same day of its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE), for consolidating the region’s ultraperipheral nature and placing Canaries on equal terms with the rest of the citizens of the European Union.

In addition, the new REF contemplates the recognition, with indefinite validity, of the bonuses of the tariffs of the regular services to the air and maritime transport of residents between the Canarian community and the Peninsula and includes the compensation of the effective cost of the air and sea transport of goods.

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Transgender minors can change their name from this Wednesday without legal obstacles

Related imageAs of this Wednesday, transgender people will find fewer inconveniences when submitting a request to change their name . This is what the Official State Bulletin has collected, which includes the instructions presented by the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries on October 23.

The text presented reflects that the request for the change of name by someone of legal age or minor in emancipation situation will be attended to , enough for it that the subject presents it to the person in charge of the Civil Registry or by means of a public document, “stating that he feels of the sex corresponding to the requested name and that he is not able to obtain the change for not fulfilling the requirements of Law 3/2007 “.

The modification represents a new step towards the normalization of the process of sex change, which entails the change of name, an act so far regulated by Law 3/2007. Said norm presented a series of requirements such as being of legal age, presenting gender dysphoria diagnosed in a medical or psychological report, as well as showing proof of having received medical treatment for at least two years.

According to the disposition presented in the BOE of this Wednesday, “it is important to point out that at the time when the aforementioned law was passed, transsexuality was classified as a disease ” by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This new legislation comes to Spain months after the aforementioned organization announced last June a new deal for transsexuality , taking it out of the classification of “personality disorders of adult behavior and behavior”, where it appeared since 1990 The new WHO code now places it as a “condition” within an epigraph dedicated to “conditions related to sexual conduct”.

Recognize the word of the minor transsexual people

The “gender incongruence” , as it has been collected by the international organization, has given way to a new interpretation on a small scale. In addition, “the new section of the WHO differentiates between the incongruence of gender in adolescence and adulthood and that of childhood, which requires a new corrective interpretation of the 2007 Law”, says the BOE of this October 24th.

In this way, changes to the present regulations include offering greater protection “of the child’s preferential interest , which overrides all competing legitimate interests, is of such importance that the character or at least many of the specific effects of a principle of public order in our legal system. “

Although it is true that the law establishes 12 years as the minimum age to be heard, the new text states that “in any case , the child must be heard according to his degree of maturity.”

For those cases of minority, the amendment to the law states that parents or guardians may jointly submit the change of name, an application that must nevertheless be signed by the subject if he or she has more than 12 years. If you are less than this age, “must be heard by the person in charge of the Civil Registry”.

Other standards as objectives to be modified

The objective of this open road, which includes a Proposition of Law pending processing in the Parliament, is also focused on changing the Civil Registry Act in force in Spain since 1957 for the cases of request for change of name.

In particular, two articles of said law are in the focus of the change. Article 2, which states that “the Civil Registry constitutes evidence of the events recorded” and more specifically Article 54, which prohibits “the names that objectively harm the person, those that confuse the identification and those that lead to error regarding sex . “

To these words, the BOE responds, stating that “it must be noted that the main identifying element of the person, due to its effectiveness in avoiding errors and duplicities, is the DNI number”. “The rejection of the change of name (considering that it harms the person or induces error as to its sex) would damage the right to the full development of the personality, which would lead to a legal insecurity of much greater importance”, adds the new text

As the document points out, minors are subject to Article 2 of the Organic Law 1/1996 on the Legal Protection of Minors in its current version, which includes the protection of the right to development and the satisfaction of their emotional and emotional needs , and the preservation of their identity and orientation “.

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All the technical details of the longest maritime bridge in the world

The largest bridge over the sea in the world, 55 kilometers long, which will link the cities of Hong Kong , Zhuhai and Macao will be inaugurated on Tuesday in China at a ceremony attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The bridge, one of China’s most ambitious projects to date, will reduce the distance between the three cities from more than 3 hours to about 30 minutes, which will facilitate the flow of passengers and tourists through the region.

This macro project marks a new milestone in Beijing’s attempt to promote economic integration between Hong Kong and the southern cities of China, an area known as the great bay of the Pearl River Delta, which the Government wants to turn into a technological economic center that compete with Silicon Valley.

The independent newspaper South China Morning Post assures that Xi will attend the inauguration of this colossal work in the city of Zhuhai, although its presence has not been confirmed officially.

The same newspaper warned that Xi probably will not cross the bridge to Hong Kong, where the construction of the section of the bridge in the British excolony aroused political and social unrest at various times of its construction.

Underwater tunnels

The bridge will open to traffic on Wednesday at 09.00 (0100 GMT) after almost nine years of work and several delays in its opening, originally scheduled for 2016.

In the construction of the 55 kilometers of this bridge, giant pillars have been erected so that they can navigate the lower reaches below, two artificial islands and 6.7 kilometers of underwater tunnels.

In total, 400,000 tons of steel have been used , 60 times those used to build the Eiffel Tower , in addition to more than one million cubic meters of concrete.

The work, with a cost of more than 16,000 million euros, has been financed by the Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao governments and numerous technical difficulties have delayed the project.

Due to the fact that it has been carried out in one of the maritime zones with the highest cargo traffic in southern China, tunnels under the sea have had to be built in an area subject to strong currents and typhoons during the summer, which are connected to the bridge through two artificial islands.

Work accidents and ecological damage

The political opposition and environmental organizations, on the other hand, have thrown strong criticism on the project, considering that it has seriously reduced the habitat of marine species such as the Chinese white dolphin, which has practically disappeared from the area.

In addition, according to the Association for the Rights of Victims of Occupational Accidents, ten workers died and more than 600 were injured while working on the construction of the bridge over these eight years.

The most critical consider that the traffic on the bridge will not reach the predicted calculations of 29,100 vehicles circulating daily by 2030, especially from Hong Kong and Macao, in favor of severely restricting the number and type of vehicles entering their territories, of by themselves small and crowded with people.

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The avocado, the story of a fruit that (us) looks like a vegetable

AguacateWhite and bottled? Milk. Green on the inside and green on the outside? Vegetable … or not. There are things that seem what they are not. Or we simply endeavor to confuse us. It is the case of the avocado. Do you think of a vegetable, perhaps a vegetable? No, it is not.

A fruit is the fertilized ovary of a seed and that is the avocado . A fruit of the species Persea americana or Persea Gratissim obtained from a tree (the avocado) of the Lauraceae family . The best known avocado types are the Has, the bacon avocado, the strong, the zutano and the avocado Russell.

Okay, it does not have sugar. But where is it said that all fruits and fruits should be sweet? Nor does its composition help to make it clear to us that it is a fruit. It happens that its liquid content is much smaller than in most fruits and instead its oleaginous content and dietary fiber is higher than usual.

Another element that misleads is its fat content. It is true that the avocado has carbohydrates and many fatty acids , but it turns out that theirs are beneficial fats. That is, when someone tells you that the avocado is getting fat, it is not telling the truth.

The avocado is considered a superfood . The reasons: it has monounsaturated fatty acids, bioactive compounds (some antioxidants), potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, folic acid and fiber. It contains fiber and has a satiating effect, but it does not have slimming properties.

We found avocados from October to June .. and getting better. Their quality has improved a lot because they are now Spanish . It is not chauvinism, it is a matter of closeness. Now they arrive at the greengrocer before. They travel less kilometers because they come from the Axarquia of Malaga and the Costa Tropical of Granada.


The avocado was already known as an erotic stimulant in the courts of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas. The Aztecs called him ahuacatl , which means testicle. They ate them crushed, mixed with red onions. Now we eat them more as the Mexicans continue to do, in guacamole. Take note of the recipe really … and do not buy that porridge that you sell at the supermarket!

Why do the millennials like it so much?

The addiction of millennials to avocado is a reality and a study by Yale University explains it scientifically. It turns out that when you combine fat and carbohydrates, a meal becomes more satisfying than if it contains only one of the two. The brain values ​​both foods that contain fats and those that have carbohydrates, since we have become accustomed to thinking that these foods provide a lot of energy.

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The PSOE continues to lead but accuses wear and loses strength

The PSOE continues to lead but accuses wear and loses strength

Image result for PSOEThe effect of the change of Government and the arrival of Pedro Sánchez to Moncloa has stopped in its tracks . The Executive has been splashed in recent weeks by scandals such as the Villarejo hearings or the controversy of Josep Borrell, as well as complex negotiations of the Budget, and that has had negative effects. Although the PSOE remains the preferred political force of the Spanish , the negative trend begins to be confirmed.

The Socialists would obtain 25.2% of the votes, but the blow is hard: they lose 2.5 points with respect to September . Moreover , according to the October survey of Metroscopia for Henneo (made between October 16 and 18) is the party that loses most compared to the previous month. In spite of this, yes, they are those that maintain a higher fidelity index within their voters. 62% who voted for Sanchez two years ago would do it now.

The picture is not much better for a PP that also goes less, although more timidly. The formation led by Pablo Casado remains as the second force with 22.6% of the votes , that is, two tenths less than last month (22.8%).

Citizens voters, towards Vox

Despite this, the popular ones are those with the lowest fidelity index: only 46% of those who voted for them in 2016 would do so again . In addition, it does not manage to stop the exit of votes towards Citizens , given that 17% of the popular voters of 2016 would now choose to vote for Albert Rivera’s party in the event that elections were held.

But the orange formation is not to celebrate for two reasons. The first, continues as the third party most supported by the Spanish but lost 1.6 points compared to September to stand at 19.2% . But on the other hand, it has become Vox’s main voting ground. And is that 8% of Citizens voters two years ago, would now go to support Santiago Abascal, whose party breaks with 5.1% of the vote as the fifth political force on the national scene.

Important rebound of Unidos Podemos

The fourth match is still Unidos Podemos , but this time the trend is positive for those of Pablo Iglesias . Not only are they the only training that improves, but it also does it in an impressive way: it would obtain 17.7% of the votes, 2.6 points more than the data for the month of September (15.1%). We can also be supported by 62% of the voters who elected them in the elections two years ago, with the party, along with the PSOE, with the highest level of loyalty among their constituents.

From this trend it can be concluded that the negotiation of the General State Budgets has been a boost for the formation of abode. In this sense, Unidos Podemos manages to recover the voters who in previous studies had migrated to the PSOE de Sánchez, especially since his rise to power , although still 12% (600,000 votes) of those who voted for Iglesias in the last general elections. I would bet now for the Socialist Party.

Beyond the percentages, it should be noted that the votes that PP and Citizens would get now does not vary significantly compared to the one that could be assumed a month ago: both formations would be in a kind of waiting time, the electoral period that now starts in Andalusia, maybe it could alter. In any case, the still minority irruption of Vox in the electoral board could contribute to a greater fragmentation of the center right field.

Trend towards the center right

With the data from this survey, the left and center-left ideological space (PSOE and Unidos Podemos) would group 42.9% of the votes (last September, at 42.8%) , while the center and center-right (Vox, PP and Citizens) to 46.9%. That is to say, the practical tie in terms of the theoretical electoral strength of both ideological spaces that was registered in September would now be unbalanced. In this context, the center-right maintains an electoral weight practically identical to that achieved when it came together in the 2000 elections, under the leadership of José María Aznar (44.5%).

Finally, the sum of the estimated vote for the two formations classified as new of the current four-party system (Citizens and United We Can, and without counting Vox for now) continues to shorten distances with the sum of votes that, at this moment, would be obtained, two traditional parties (PSOE and PP): 36.9% against 47.8% . Last month these figures were, respectively, 35.9% compared to 50.5%, and in the 2016 elections they were 34.1% compared to 55.7%. The distance between both blocks, which was 21.6 points two years ago, is now almost half (10.9 points).

Other images Pedro Sánchez, presidente del Gobierno, este lunes en la Moncloa. 2 Photos Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, this Monday at the Moncloa. (EFE)

  • Metroscopy
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Carmena delays one week the start-up of Madrid Central so that it does not coincide with Black Friday

The start-up of Central Madrid is delayed to November 30 , reported on Thursday the government spokesman, Rita Maestre, at a press conference.
The forecast was to start on the 23rd but the claims raised by CEIM have been taken into account. On November 23 the inauguration of the new Gran Vía continues and coincides with the Black Friday .

The president of CEIM, Juan Pablo Lázaro, has insisted in any case that the start-up of Madrid Central has to be delayed until February because an “experiment” can not be done in an era with so much “impact” for the business fabric as it is Christmas.

He has done so in statements to the media after attending the presentation of the program ‘Promoting Talent’, where he admitted that the business world of Madrid is “very concerned” with Central Madrid , not only by the measure itself “but by the dates on which it starts “. Lazaro explained that “a large part” of the small and medium-sized companies in the downtown area make a “very important part” of their income account in December, coinciding with Black Friday, the Constitution and Christmas bridge.

He has also insisted that they do not question the need to change the city model “in the medium term” but the time when it is wanted to be done. “Nobody tests an experiment in maximum activity, the risk is tremendous, it can be postponed until February,” he reiterated.

Pedro Rollán: “It was predictable”

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Pedro Rollán, has called “reasonable” that the City of Madrid has delayed the entry into force of Central Madrid and hopes that now open a participatory process of dialogue. Rollán, who recently assured 20 minutes that “Carmena has turned Madrid into an infinite traffic jam” , points out that the decision was “predictable” because there was “an absolute climate of uncertainty and concern” in all sectors.

Rollán hopes that, from now on, the Consistory will “not be in a hurry” and that a road map “coordinated” with the actors will be carried out, “that does not turn its back on the general interest and that does not provoke chaos ” And, for Rollan, the project was born “with its back to public opinion and citizenship .

Authorizations to parents of students

On the other hand, the parents of students whose schools are affected by Central Madrid and the area of ​​Environment and Mobility have reached this Wednesday an agreement through which schools can give the authorizations that parents need . This has been confirmed since the AMPA of Santa Isabel-La Asunción school, one of the most “fought” to get these authorizations.

“We have recognized the possibility of recognizing ourselves as a collective, as residents, and we will have to provide access plates from Monday to Friday, as well as on Saturdays until 3 pm and when there is an unforeseen event”, the member of the AMPA Santa Isabel has moved , José Luis Castellano.

Castellano has emphasized that the participation of the area delegate, Inés Sabanés, in the meetings, has been “key” to “unblock” the situation. “It is to her that we must attribute the merit”, she has riveted. For the next year the City Council is already studying solutions so that people different from the usual ones also have guaranteed access, “always in the most sustainable way possible”.

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Special panties for menstruation: ecological and a long-term economic savings for women

Tampons, compresses, menstrual cups and also panties for the period that are very popular in Asian countries.

This type of protective panties arise with the intention of improving the lives of women during the period.

What exactly does it consist of? An ecological underwear since it is designed with three layers of a super absorbent fabric to be used without any other sanitary product.

Some brands include a small pocket in the front to place a heating pad that helps to alleviate pain in the ovaries.

As with tampons or pads, there are different degrees of absorption. Depending on which one you choose you can have your underwear on for up to 11 hours in a row and then the washing machine.

They are resistant to stains, odors and the woman who uses them has no sensation of humidity. Apparently, the flow passes through the absorbent material that retains the liquid and prevents a loss from occurring.

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Antarctica, an unexplored place … and cradle of strange mysteries

The Antarctic continent, which remains unknown to many, does not stop surprising with new discoveries and unresolved mysteries. Antarctica is an unexplored and mysterious place , hence the results of each investigation or discovery generate a great impact.

The origin of the continent is the main mystery. It is estimated that Antarctica (whose name means opposite to the Arctic ) was frozen at least 23 million years ago, many millions before the appearance of the first homo sapiens , which would refute the possibility that human beings would settle it before its current state of freezing. But until now that is not known for sure.

Last Wednesday, NASA published on its Twitter account an image of a strange block of perfectly square ice . But this is just one of the many discoveries that appear on the white continent.

The ‘blood cataracts’, craters of more than three kilometers, repetitive urban legends about the UFOs and the ice pyramids, unknown species … are some of the mysteries that exist on the frozen continent.

A perfect rectangle floating in its waters

The curious appearance of a block of perfectly square ice that floats on the continent opens a debate about its origin. The image taken by one of the aircraft of the operation of the NASA only picks up a part of the enormous floor that could have more than a kilometer in length and that seems to have appeared naturally, according to have explained the experts.

The scientific community estimates that at one point there are 300,000 icebergs sailing in the Antarctic Ocean and surrounding the continent of Antarctica. The news about these phenomena does not stop. In July of last year it was the largest iceberg release in history, when NASA scientists managed to photograph in the foreground the huge block of ice that separated from one of the largest floating platforms. It is a block of 5,800 square kilometers known as A68 and currently moves to the open sea.

A crater of three kilometers of unknown formation

The mysteries about these craters and their constant appearance has not yet been resolved. An example is the sighting on December 20, 2014 and, since then, there is an intense scientific debate about its origin. The scientific community spoke of two hypotheses: meteorite or ice sink (which are round sinks, caused by a puddle of melting water formed inside the ice shelf), in which with the latest studies the second one seems right. If it is confirmed that this is the case, it would be necessary to find out where all the melting water that has caused such depression in the ice comes from.

The appearance of craters in the continent has opened several scientific debates throughout history. Under the ice cap it is considered that there are large impact craters like the possibly gigantic Wilkes Earth Crater, which recent findings date back approximately 250 million years .

The ‘blood cataracts’

A study led by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Colorado College has solved a century-old mystery that involves a famous red waterfall in Antarctica . And it has linked it to a large source of saltwater that may have been trapped under the Taylor Glacier more than a million years ago. The first explorers of Antarctica attributed the red color to red algae, but later it has been shown that this phenomenon is produced by the presence of iron oxide.

The salts in the brine made this discovery possible by amplifying the contrast with the fresh glacial ice, “said study author Jessica Badgeley,” The brine turns red when the iron comes in contact with air. “ The team tracked the brine with sounding radio-echo, a radar method that uses two antennas: one to transmit electrical impulses and another to receive the signals.

The urban legend of UFOs and the ice pyramid

With all these mysteries that the white continent hides, it has always given rise to speculation. Being a continent unknown to many and with so many mysteries to solve, what people do is spread urban legends to explain what happens there. Hence, urban legends range from pyramids like those in Egypt to UFOs and secret bases.

Vestiges of ancestral civilizations, extraterrestrial ships or bases hidden in the ice are some of the myths about Antarctica that specialized scientists want to extirpate from the collective imaginary.

In the collective imagination persist beliefs that Antarctica there are hidden secrets related to extraterrestrial research. For years there has been an article circulating on the Internet that talks about the supposed discovery of “ancient pyramids made by man” that are nothing more than a crystalline structure of rocks. And thousands of pages that speak of the observation of UFO parades can also be found on the Internet.

Almost one hundred volcanoes of which there was no trace before

Scientists from the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh have found 91 previously unknown volcanoes under the ice of West Antarctica, which may be the largest volcanic region on Earth.

According to the publication, two kilometers below the ice surface of western Antarctica there are 91 volcanoes that had no trace until now, with different heights (between 100 and 3,850 meters) and ice layers up to 4 kilometers thick . Scientists – among them geologists and glaciologists – say that these 91 volcanoes are added to the 47 that had already been discovered in that region of the world in previous centuries.

Animal species unknown to science

In 2012 a group of researchers from the University of Oxford, the University of Southampton and the British Antarctic Service, has found that the seabed near Antarctica hosts species hitherto unknown to science , including a type of crab yeti , starfish, barnacles, sea anemone and octopus .

“Hydrothermal vents are home to animals that are not found anywhere else on the planet, which derive their energy not from the sun, but from chemical substances such as hydrogen sulfide,” explains Professor Alex Rogers of the Department of Zoology. from the University of Oxford, who led the research.

Meteorites that come from Mars and the Moon

It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 meteorites found in Antarctica. It is an important study material since they are formed at the beginning of the solar system. Such is its relevance, that in 2016 NASA received 570 new samples collected from the white continent by ANSMET (Antarctic Search for Meteorites), a 40-year program that has collected 10,000 since 1976. This program has helped to reveal information about the asteroids, other objects of our solar system and the red planet, which will help in the expected manned trip to Mars .

Samples recovered from recent seasons include rare and scientifically valuable pieces from Mars and the Moon , as well as rocks formed very early during the formation and evolution of the solar system that offer clues to the origin of volatile substances, planets and organic compounds essential for life.

Species ‘comehuesos’

Researchers from the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) have discovered a new species of marine invertebrate that feeds on bones and has been named Osedax deceptionensis. The species has been discovered simultaneously with the one named Osedax antarcticus – described by a team from the Natural History Museum of London – and it is the first two descriptions of a type of marine worm, the UB said in a statement.

It also highlights that although the majority of invertebrate species found in Antarctica had been extracted from depths ranging from hundreds to thousands of meters, the comet-eating worm is the first Osedax that is only 20 meters deep .

The detailed map of the unknown continent

Studied, researched and explored by many, but until recently there was no detailed map of the frozen continent. In September of this year the researchers announced a new high resolution map of the continent. The map will be called the Antarctic Elevation Reference Model (REMA, in its acronym in English), which they say makes the area the best mapped continent in the world .

The intention of the scientists is to see in depth how the area changes in the face of global warming. Ian Howat, the project’s lead researcher and professor of Earth Sciences at Ohio State University, and Paul Morin of the University of Minnesota, used data from several satellites orbiting that pole to create the images. The satellite information was compiled by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, part of the US Department of Defense. “Until now we had a more detailed map of Mars than Antarctica ,” Howat said.

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Housework is for all ages

The arrival of a child is a before and after in the day to day of any couple. The children influence from the minute zero on all the decisions that are taken at home, from the furniture and the shopping cart to the holidays. But it should not be seen as something negative, since as they grow the most advisable is that they move from conditioning any activity to acquire a more participatory role.

This is considered by many experts, who for example are increasingly inclined to involve them directly in household tasks. ” It helps them to be autonomous and increases their self-esteem, it gives them confidence when facing other challenges,” says the child-youth psychologist Nuria Torrent, from the Department of Pediatrics of the Dexeus University Hospital-Quirónsalud Group in Barcelona .

The benefits are diverse, adds this expert. For example, when they are asked for help in the preparation of food, fine motor skills are worked, while with the organizational or cleaning tasks (helping with sweeping, dusting or making the bed) the gross motor skills are worked on. It also helps them create habits, organize and work as a team.

PadreOf course, your responsibilities should be adapted gradually according to age , without wanting to go in a hurry and that the child should grow too fast, because that way we can generate the opposite effect. “Just as involving them in the home serves to reinforce their self-esteem, if we do not apply common sense and we do not give them tasks adapted to their rhythm of development we can foster a certain sense of frustration, each child has their own rhythm, ” insists this expert.

In addition, Torrent insists on not assigning some tasks or others for the mere fact of being girls or boys. The Miliki song in which a girl could not play because she had to wash, iron, sew or tend should definitely be obsolete.

“It is important to instill in children from a very young age the idea of ​​family as a team , whose members are equally important and leaving aside any pre-established role that favors gender differentiation”, insists this expert, who encourages parents to preach with the example. “If only clean mom and only makes the purchase or throws away the garbage dad, we will not get that the following generations feel the bases of an effective equality between men and women”.

Any ideas

Children between 2 and 3 years old

  • Organize the toys: tell them where to keep them and help them.
  • Eat alone: ​​leave your time.
  • Throw things away: do it with him until he gets used to it.
  • Provide us with the clothespins: if these are of colors we take advantage to reinforce the learning of the colors.
  • Bring clean clothes to your room or dirty laundry to the bucket of laundry.

Children between 4 and 5 years old

  • Dressing alone: ​​prepare clothes the night before to buy time in the morning.
  • Flushing: wash your face, teeth and even comb (or remove tangles).
  • Put and remove the table: help him put the tablecloth.
  • Feed the pet: fill the food in the pet’s bowl and let him serve it.
  • Scrub dishes with supervision: You can start with the glasses and dishes and follow the adult.

Children of 6 and 7 years

  • Make the bed: especially on weekends.
  • Organize the desk: keep it tidy when you finish your tasks.
  • Prepare your backpack: be responsible for what you should bring to school.
  • Pass vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove dust from furniture: especially smooth surfaces.

Children of 8 and 9 years

  • Bathing alone: ​​you can supervise that all the shampoo has been removed.
  • Clean the floor.
  • Caring for the pet: cleaning the cage or terrarium, brushing the dog’s hair …
  • Prepare breakfast or snack: they will feel important.
  • Cooking simple dishes under supervision: it’s a time to be together.

Children between 10 and 11 years old

  • Clean your room: you can decide that you want to donate if you do not use it.
  • Remove the pet: if you have a dog during daylight hours, you can walk it.
  • Clean the garden: pick up the dried leaves, water the plants.
  • Tender clothes: remove it from the washing machine and tend.

Children 12 years old and over

  • Take out the garbage: at this point you already know in which container you should recycle.
  • Make the purchase: you can prepare the list in advance.
  • Take care of a younger brother: do babysitting if you have to go out to run errands.
  • Sew: from a button to start sewing a machine hem.
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The Calvary of Anna Paola: a breast operation to please a boy ended up compromising his health

Anna Paola Xodo ‘s diary is the story of a woman who out of love wanted to be even more beautiful if her boyfriend could be liked and her life became a calvary.

This young Italian is now 30 but her drama started when she was 22, working in the fashion world and still studying at the University. It was beautiful, but it did not seem enough: “I had the world in my hands but a love catapulted me into the abyss and I still have not been able to get out of that hole”, says the young woman on her Instagram .

I wanted to like a boy, to feel loved, and for this he decided to undergo a breast augmentation intervention . “She was so young, so naive, so beautiful and insecure, damn insecurities,” she says. From that operation of aesthetic surgery, from the strong desire to be more beautiful, began his ordeal. After the operation he began to feel his legs swollen and very hot. “Silicone prostheses intoxicated my body,” he argues.

“I was my own enemy”

“From 2011 to July 2018, I was admitted to the hospital more than 70 times in an emergency, a hell I do not want anyone, the doctors in Italy did not understand what I had because my exams were perfect, I was my own enemy, a factor common in women who have this ‘dark disease ‘, he explains.

Anna Paola tells what this “dark disease” consists of day after day on her Instagram profile. She defines it as the “disease of breast implants”, that is, a series of complications that can arise after the implantation of breast prostheses in a body.

The information that she provides about what happened is not very clear. They suggest that it could happen that the prosthesis provokes allergic reactions and, although they were removed, their body continued to suffer.

He was advised by Hugh Hefner’s wife

Finally, it was not until Anna Paola found herself on the Net with Crystal Harris Hefner, the wife of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner , that her life began to change. The artist shared with the young Italian woman that she had suffered the same problems and was advised by a doctor who could treat her in the United States .

In this way, Anna Paola flew to this country last June to remove the prosthetic capsules . “From there my rebirth began, they were poisoning me,” he told a photo in the hospital.

Their goal now is that, through their history, young women become aware of the need to “love oneself more, we are a perfect machine, we do not need to retouch, I have lived a terrible pain, but now I am stronger that never “, concludes in one of his last posts in this social network.

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