Loan money for a drone easily and cheaply

Today it has become popular to own a drone. Drones is one of the trendiest electronics equipment in Denmark at the moment. This applies to both private and corporate customers. This is also for good reason. The applications for drones are many and not least different. On the other hand,Read More

Compensation by instant loan: Finally sleep again

Financial worries are often a reason for sleepless nights. If the account is down, but the bills are still piling up in a high pile, it is unthinkable to have a peaceful and restful sleep. With the credit line from your house bank, you can stuff the biggest holes inRead More

For the Germans take on the most loans

Around seven million loans are taken up by Germans every year. Behind every contract is a story of its own – but a few reasons for the credit decision crop up again and again. We reveal what German consumers are most likely to do with their loans. Credit reason numberRead More

Instant loan in 324 seconds

It takes just 324 seconds on average to get a free loan request from Gandalf-Kredit – and many consumers are completing the online form in less time. Why is the loan request at Gandalf-Kredit going so quickly? Quite simply: we have more than 40 years of experience and therefore knowRead More

Autumn loans: New chance for fresh money

When the leaves slowly fall from the trees, the banks traditionally start the final year-end spurt. This means new opportunities for all credit interested parties. In December, the institutes take stock, and not infrequently shows: The actual sales have fallen short of the original expectations. In the few remaining weeksRead More

What to do if the loan is not enough?

The loan approval is there, the money paid out – and then it turns out: The sum is not enough … An increase in such a case, unfortunately, not so easy. We explain why that is. And we’ll give you tips that will help you avoid a bottleneck soon afterRead More

car loan

Buying a car is one of the most popular reasons why people take out a loan. And that starts with a car loan simulation. Few people can afford to buy a new car in cash. If you are considering taking out a loan to finance your new vehicle, make sureRead More

Loan money now and get them right away

It can be very different what you need to spend the money on, but for students or others with a relatively low income, it can be a challenge if suddenly a lot of money is needed somewhere. Loan money now and get them right away, quickly and easily if havingRead More

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